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First Annual Denver Promotional Products Show by HALO Branded Solutions a Success

HALO volunteering with Missions Ministries to help build a home in Juarez, Mexico.

In 2012 Counselor “Top 40” distributor, HALO Branded Solutions (ASI 356000; PPAI 106462), hosted a series of end-user shows featuring promotional items in key markets for the company including Denver, CO. The Denver promotional products showcase was HALO’s first annual event in Colorado, and reports indicate it was an overwhelming success.

The promotional products Denver show featured more than 90 HALO Preferred Suppliers representing a wide variety of product lines, including but not limited to, branded gifts & awards, promotional calendars, personalized bags & totes, drinkware, office gifts, apparel, food items and more. Over 360 HALO clients took the opportunity to review the extensive selection of promotional items and consulted with their Account Executives to plan their 2012 marketing activities.

According to Michael Bistochhi, a HALO Preferred Supplier that exhibited at the show, “The Denver promotional products showcase provided a unique opportunity for us to showcase our expertise and really develop custom concepts that work for our clients. This type of outreach is very valuable to customers, and we are happy to facilitate their promotions with our product solutions.”

If you missed the show but are interested in learning more about HALO’s promotional marketing solutions, you can contact the HALO Denver office to schedule a meeting with an Account Executive and tour the on-site showroom.

To see pictures and video from the 2012 showcase, visit:

Learn more about the 2013 Denver promotional products showcase, visit:


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