Promotional Gift Giving Guide

Whether it’s the holiday season or you’re celebrating an anniversary, corporate gifts are a great way to both spread good cheer and reinforce your brand message. If you’re wondering what’s appropriate for your audience, use the guide below.

Holiday Specific Gifts:

Do you really need to send holiday cards and gifts to your clients and business contacts?

The answer is “yes” for many reasons. Aside from spreading holiday cheer and goodwill, sending holiday greetings is a great way to show you appreciate and remember those you have done business with throughout the year.

Who should you give Holiday Specific Gifts to?

You should always include clients past and present: if your client is a large company then send the gift to the individual or team you worked with directly. Don’t forget people you outsource work to or have collaborated with, vendors and of course your employees. A good rule of thumb—if you have a business relationship with someone and they know you personally, sending a card is a good idea.

Looking for Holiday Ideas?

Holiday cards are a great way to show appreciation. If your budget allows, there are many other holiday specific gift options including: Food Gifts, Candy/Chocolate, Gift Boxes, Beverage Gifts and Accessories, Ornaments, Cookie Cutters, and Mugs.

Practical Presents

What is a Practical Present?

From a marketing standpoint it is important to consider the underlying reason you are reaching out to business contacts and clients during the holidays. You do business with them, you appreciate them, and you want that business to continue into the future. With that in mind, practical gifts your clients will see or use daily are ideal because they remind clients of you and your business year round.

Who should you give Practical Presents to?

Again, clients past and present are great recipients for these gifts as well as potential clients and employees.

Looking for Practical Ideas?

Choose everyday items like Calendars, Office Supplies, Car Chargers, Tumblers, Water Bottles, Cell Phone Accessories, Kitchenware and Lip Balm.

Valuable Mementos

Do you want to make an impression?

These are higher end gifts tht cost a little more or have a high perceived value. You may need to put some serious thought into these gifts. Consider who the gift is for and what that individual or organization will enjoy.

Who should you give Valuable Mementos to?

These gifts are for top clients that you want to make a strong impression with.  Valuable mementos are also for employees that deserve a special thank you for all their hard work throughout the year.

Looking for Valuable Mementos?

Consider Clocks, Portable Speakers, Digital Photo Frames, Clothing, Watches, Sunglasses, Travel Sets and Gold Accessories.


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