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Why Local Businesses Should Sponsor Club Hockey Teams

Foam Keychain - Hockey Puck

There’s no shortage of traditional ways to promote your brand or business. You can send out press releases or pay for an ad in a magazine, but when you support a sports organization, like a community hockey team, your message has the potential to reach more than just your identified audience.

Why Sponsor a Hockey Team

Local teams may receive some financial support from your city or county, but they usually have to pony up their own funding. Public or private, teams always need new uniforms, supplies and funds to travel for games.

By sponsoring one of these teams, both your company and the team will benefit. The team can offer a variety of marketing opportunities, such as announcing an ad for your company during an intermission or donning your company name on their new t-shirts or other gear.

Additionally, when people realize your business is supporting a local team, it paints a positive image of your brand’s values for current and potential customers.

What Sponsorship Means for Your Business

Ready to become a sponsor? First, research local hockey teams in the area. Either contact the local parks district or just do a quick web search—many teams have websites with contact information available.

Once you’ve picked a team whose goals match your company’s beliefs, figure out the their most important or necessary needs. Your company can decide between different sponsorship options based on affordability, whether that means buying supplies for the team or holding fundraisers instead.

Get Creative with Custom Hockey Items

Focus the sponsorship on your budget and what the team needs. If the team prefers straight, monetary or unrestricted funding, ask for a banner at the rink in return. Or, ask the team to make an announcement about your weekly specials during intermission at every home game. If you have a restaurant, for example, be sure to advertise any specials you’ll have available for after the game.

Support a team fundraiser by purchasing hockey promotional items like hockey puck keychains or puck-shapedstress relievers with the team logo and your brand’s name. These items can be handed out as gifts to people who donate to the team, and they establish your business as an advocate of community sports.

Let’s say players need supplies, like new pucks for practice or t-shirts. Brand these items with your company’s name, and purchase enough for the team and the coaching staff. Be sure to buy these items in bulk so the extras can be sold or auctioned at fundraisers. That’s extra cash for the team, and a lot more brand exposure for you.

Discover a fresh and fulfilling way to generate more publicity while helping out the community. Sponsor your local hockey team, and you’re sure to meet your marketing goals!



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