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Account Executive Debie Rowe helps Viejas Casino and Resort enter the Guinness Book of World Records

Account Executive Debie Rowe helps Viejas

HALO Branded Solution’s Debie Rowe from the San Diego office helped theViejas Casino and Resort enter the Guinness Book of World Records for the most wine bottles uncorked simultaneously. Debie provided 10,000 cork screws, 1,200custom wine glasses, as well as t-shirts and hoodies for all of the staff. Despite the massive size of this order Debie made it seamless for Viejas. Debie’s knowledge of the industry and experience played a big role in making the casino’s 22nd anniversary celebration event a huge success.

“I am grateful to Viejas Casino for making me a part of their record-setting celebration. They gave me the opportunity to demonstrate how I professionally manage large promotional product orders like this one with so many moving pieces. It was very exciting to see it all come together before the event.”

Viejas Casino’s 22nd anniversary celebration showcased the luxury aspect of their brand in a big way. They set more world records on this day than any other casino in history. HALO Branded Solutions was happy to have been a part of this unique idea that will now be a part of theGuinness Book of World Records.

Watch the promotional products that HALO provided in action as Viejas Casino staff and guests simultaneously opens thousands of wine bottles together.


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