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Your Halo Account Executive

Debie Rowe

, Marketing & Branding Specialist

As a resident of the metropolitan area of San Diego, California, Debie began working in the promotional products industry as an independent sales consultant in 1999. Since then, she has amassed clients across the nation. Although she specializes in entertainment, casino gambling, construction and manufacturing industries, she has a large breadth of knowledge to match any of her clients’ needs. “Sourcing products that help clients engage their customers or employees takes more research then a keystroke,” Debie says. “Clients want to see items that inspire, excite, motivate and impress. My goal is to leave behind an impression that creates a conversation.”

For example, one of Debie’s most memorable campaigns hinged on a made-in-the-USA custom dog collar and leash program for a motorcycle manufacturer. “We put together two sizes of collars and leashes with their corporate design and even offered a custom canine charm on each piece,” Debie adds. “The client was very impressed.” Contact Debie today so she can impress you with a custom campaign!

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