Your Halo Account Executive

Kristi Williams

, Marketing & Branding Specialist

Kristi has been helping clients deliver superior marketing messaging for more than 21 years. As a Marketing and Branding Specialist for HALO, she helps clients from all walks of life appeal to current and prospective customers through branded merchandise. Niche markets in which Kristi specializes include health care, education and elder care. In short, Kristi cares!

With a background that features customer service prominently, Kristi prides herself on providing dependable customer service and follow-through to every client’s marketing strategy.

“Having a marketing strategy requires developing a ‘game plan’ over the course of time,” Kristi says. “Then you have to be consistent with your message, your image, your logo, your company colors, etc. I try to help clients find the most unique item that will be the most memorable to their target audience.”

To understand her clients’ needs, Kristi first determines who the client seeks to market to – what are their demographics and characteristics? Let Kristi get started on defining your target market and then help you achieve your marketing goals more effectively than you thought possible. Contact her today!

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