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Your Halo Account Executive

EMBA Marketing

, Marketing & Branding Specialist

With a business that thrives in accessibility, timelines, and uniqueness, Emba Marketing will prove that they’re not like their competitors. Barb brings more than 2 decades of experience and Emily has brought a fresh perspective joining in 2013. Together, they offer creative and unique ideas to the promotional products industry, providing exceptional products and services and even fulfilling any last-minute needs as soon as possible.

Emba Marketing works hard to help you establish your goals for the year regarding customer retention, events, prospecting, trade shows, and any other plans you’re looking to put into action. Their specialties include manufacturing, agriculture, hospitals, financial institutions, and construction.

Emba Marketing strives to implement a solid plan to assist you to retain current customers as well as reach out to potential customers. With a wide variety of products to offer, paired with a unique team, Emba Marketing is your go-to partner for all of your promotional product needs.

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