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Your Halo Account Executive

Marla Kaye

, Branding Specialist

Marla Kaye has had the pleasure of working in the promotional products industry for the past three decades. She is a uniquely-creative and hard-working distributor who understands the importance of branding strategies. Her clients have been “overly satisfied” with Marla during the 27 years she owned You Name It Promotions as they are now that she has become an affiliate of HALO Branded Solutions.

Best yet, since joining HALO, Marla became co-distributors with Sharon Steffan, a 25 year distributor whom she considers “the best thing since sourdough bread and creamy butter!” Sharon gives her all with a high-level expertise in the field and always maintains the attitude to make each order your best. With their vast contacts and resources, Marla and Sharon are ready to work closely with you. They’ll think outside the box and come up with a plan that is sure to make your brand stand out above the rest.

“Give us a try, you’ll see the difference!”

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