Add Style to Your Golf Game with Customized Equipment


Many of your most important meetings will take place miles from your boardroom. The golf course has a mythos of being the prime locale for closing a deal, and business journals have published guides on how to master your golf game to get ahead in your industry. Between the fairway and the clubhouse, you need to pull out all the stops to impress potential clients or hires.

A seamless way to appear professional and make a visual impact on the green is to incorporate promotional golf equipment into your bag. With a coordinated corporate style your brand will stand out, and when you shop at HALO Branded Solutions your marketing budget won’t take a big hit. Outfit your executive team with these customized golf equipment necessities:

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Pen and Paper Still Reign: Journals Make Their Comeback


We are totally immersed in digital technology day in and day out, and this has prompted more and more students and employees to begin bringing laptops and mobile devices everywhere.  Phones and computers have infiltrated classes and workplace meetings; we are rarely without some sort of technology.  So, you’d think this would aid us in our day to day lives and improve the process of taking notes, retaining information, etc.? Unfortunately, when it comes to taking notes that notion is wrong.

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5 Can Cooler Options for Summer


When the heat rises and we flock to outdoor events for fun in the sun, you can get your brand name in the hands of countless people for an affordable cost. Can coolers– also known as KOOZIEs- keep cold drinks cold while preventing condensation from spreading to drinker’s hands and clothes.

Custom can coolers are a go-to promotional product in the summer due to their practicality and sheer versatility. Give them out at concerts, festivals, summer retreats, company picnics, reunions and even weddings. The bright, fun colors really draw the eye to your brand logo and make an indelible impression.

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How Promotional Products Can Benefit Real Estate Professionals


Real estate professionals know that constant promotion is required to keep your agency in the minds of the homeowners in your area. Beyond standard marketing techniques, you can incorporate useful and memorable real estate marketing products into your daily operations to get your brand in front of more leads. A great place to start is in the homes of happy clients! Anyone who visits will see the brand of the real estate agent who connected them with their dream home.

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How to Integrate Promotional Products Into Your Marketing Strategy


For small businesses, the marketing power of carefully-chosen promotional products is well known. With a limited budget however, actually implementing promos in a cost-effective manner is crucial. If you have been pondering how to integrate promotional products into your marketing strategy without spending a fortune, consider these unique and affordable promotional strategies:

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