Going Green? Celebrate Earth Day With These Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Earth Day is on April 22nd – help your employees celebrate our planet by featuring Earth Day promotions that can educate employees about the environment and offer eco-friendly alternatives to traditional products. Pollution is one of the greatest issues facing our world today – 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic waste has been created overall, and only 9% of plastic products are recycled.

Last year we covered some of our favorite Earth Day promotional products, and now we’ll cover other products that you can use in your Earth Day promotion or in your own office. Helping out the environment isn’t only a moral imperative – it’s great for business. Initiating a corporate social responsibility campaign builds a positive brand image that customers will readily choose. Provide the first step by giving your employees the gift of some eco-friendly promotional products.

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Tips for Incorporating Marketing Into Your Sales Strategy

Generating leads and improving brand visibility is the leading sales and marketing challenge for most companies. Despite this broad truth, most marketing and sales departments at major corporations and small businesses rarely interact. This disconnect causes lost leads, failed sales, and lagging growth. Even if you are a sales pro, researching ways to market your business to potential customers who have never heard your brand name will give you an edge over the competition.

Combine sales and marketing to reach more leads – which can become conversions – by trying these proven tips for marketing your business and products:

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Add Style to Your Golf Game with Customized Equipment


Many of your most important meetings will take place miles from your boardroom. The golf course has a mythos of being the prime locale for closing a deal, and business journals have published guides on how to master your golf game to get ahead in your industry. Between the fairway and the clubhouse, you need to pull out all the stops to impress potential clients or hires.

A seamless way to appear professional and make a visual impact on the green is to incorporate promotional golf equipment into your bag. With a coordinated corporate style your brand will stand out, and when you shop at HALO Branded Solutions your marketing budget won’t take a big hit. Outfit your executive team with these customized golf equipment necessities:

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5 Puppy-Approved Promotional Products

puppy-approved-promosAccording to the American Pet Products Association, pet owners spend over $70 billion on their pets annually. With an estimated 84.6 million U.S. households owning a dog, you can tap into this large market with promotional pet products.

The spring and summer months are quickly approaching, which means outdoor community events will be in full swing giving you numerous opportunities to market your brand to pet owners. National Puppy Day is Saturday, March 23rd. Jump-start your next paw-some campaign with these puppy-approved promos.

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The Best Promo Items for Doctors’ Offices


National Doctors’ Day is right around the corner, March 30th, to be exact! During this celebration of the healthcare industry it’s important to remember that every organization can benefit from the increased visibility promotional products offer, even doctors’ offices. Stay at the forefront of your patients’ minds months after their visit with these helpful giveaways and promotional items!

Promotional items that will prove useful in your facility will vary greatly than the products purchased by a traditional company or business. Don’t opt for standard fare – go with promotional products that will make your daily operations smoother:

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