6 Work Hacks for Keeping Yourself Organized


We always enter the office with best intentions, but if we aren’t careful papers pile up, our important reminders go unanswered and projects are left unfinished at the end of the day. Organization and efficiency go hand in hand — if you’re concerned about employee productivity at work, you should make an effort to help everyone stay  organized.

Of course, organization isn’t a one-time action. To keep employees organized year-round, encourage implementation of these office organization hacks into their daily routines:

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Top Smartphone Accessories for Work


At any given moment during the work day your iPhone or Android is likely no more than three feet away from you. Our smartphones are the most important devices in our daily lives.

While some people may not use tote bags or wear branded t-shirts, almost everyone needs the core accessories for their phone. Take advantage of this need and offer custom phone accessories to your employees to boost brand visibility wherever they take their phone (in other words, everywhere).

Here are the top Smartphone accessories that will get plenty of use at work:

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Parents On the Go Essentials to Market to Traveling Sports Parents


If your target market includes parents whose kids participate in outdoor sports, now is the perfect time to promote your brand. With April just around the corner, spring and summer sports seasons are about to begin if they haven’t already.

All across America, parents are preparing to travel to outdoor venues so their kids can participate in sports. Spring and Summer is the time of year when parents on the go travel for sports of all kinds – football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, ice hockey – you name it.

Whatever the sport, you can bet parents will be on the go outdoors, which is why it’s a great season for marketing to traveling parents.

Here are three essentials for parents on the go and traveling to their children’s sports games:

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Office Hacks to Fight Colds


This time of year is notorious for spreading colds, but not for the reasons you may expect. Colds and illnesses can sweep through your office because you are indoors more often and trapped in close proximity to people that may be infected with viruses or bacteria.

As we previously reported in our office bug infographic, colds and other illnesses cost a company $1,685 per employee on average. That’s quite a sizeable loss! Luckily, you can optimize your workplace with these office health hacks to keep colds at bay:

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Real Life Promos: Braided Long Cable


Recently, HALO featured this braided long cable in our Winter Inbox mailer. This particular product has really come in handy for me.

Being a stereotypical millennial, and someone whose job focuses on social media, my phone is basically sewn to my right hand. It always needs to be charged and always needs to be within an arm’s reach.

Enter the Braided Long Cable! This practical, yet unique, promo item allows its user to plug one end of the braided cable into their phone’s charging cube, while the other end allows the user’s phone charger USB to be plugged into its port. In other words, it’s a phone charger extension cord.

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