Patriotic Promos

Independence Day is almost here, and it is time to celebrate the birth of our great nation. Seize the opportunity to catch your current and future customers in good spirits during the national holiday.

The colors red, white and blue will do more good for your company than you would ever expect. According to Insights in Marketing,  colors evoke significant effects on consumers triggering feelings that motivate decisions and actions. Red gives consumers perceived urgency, which appeals to impulse buyers. Blue creates the sensation of trust and security which will push your customers to put more faith in your business. Evoke powerful emotions in your customers and show them your love for this great country through HALO’s patriotic promos.

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How to Use Promotional Marketing With Tote Bags

It’s no secret tote bags often reign supreme in key promotional marketing metrics. The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) reports that half of U.S. consumers own promotional tote bags. Tote bags generate more impressions than any other type of promo (approximately 5,700) over the course of their lifespan, and the average size screen print is larger when compared to items like pens, hats, and drinkware.

Promotional tote bags are a promotional powerhouse, but without the proper context in your next campaign you can waste the potential of this cost-effective promotional item. Here are the best ways to make the most of your next promotional tote order :

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Top 5 Health & Wellness Giveaways

Investing in a corporate wellness program is a smart move. Company giveaways promoting health and wellness in and out of the workplace can lead to greater employee retention, fewer overall health care costs, and greater productivity from your employees.

Health giveaways are an integral part of a successful wellness program, showing your appreciation for your employees and giving them the tools to take control of their own health. The best promotional health and wellness products prominently feature your branding while encouraging your team to live their best life.

At HALO Branded Solutions, you’ll find affordable health-geared products that feature plenty of options for customization – making your promos one-of-a-kind. Here are our favorite health giveaways:

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4 Ways Custom Clips Can Help You Build Brand Awareness

Is it a bag clip? A chip clip? At HALO Branded Solutions, we call them Keep-It™ clips. Some brands overlook simple yet effective promotional options like custom clips because they aren’t centered as a fad or a trend.

However, the secret to success with promos like bag clips is their timeless reliability and eminent usefulness. Learn how to build brand awareness by getting cost-effective bag clips into the homes of your clients, customers, and connections.

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How to Use Promotional Products at Your Next Charity Event

Whether it’s participating in a charity run to fight cancer or attending a dance-a-thon to raise funds to protect families from domestic violence, local communities love giving back. Charity events come in all shapes and sizes, but they carry a singular purpose: to bring a large group of people together to raise funds for a just cause.

When your organization is hosting a charity event, giving away functional promotional products will connect your brand to the cause and increase brand impressions long after the event has ended. When planning a charity event and gathering ideas, consult our guide for organizing a charity run. Read on for more event giveaway ideas to make the most of your marketing budget.

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