5 Best Promotional Products to Give Away at Sporting Events


Local sporting events are a terrific venue to gain exposure for your brand. By giving away useful promotional products, you’ll improve the comfort of sports fans and foster team spirit. You can bank on a wide range of demographics at sporting events, but attendees are united by their support for the town’s favorite team.

According to PPAI 79% of people research a brand after receiving a promotional product. Keep fans buzzing about your company long after the game has ended by investing in trendy promotional products prominently featuring your logo.

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Top Patriotic Promotional Products for Veterans Day


Veterans Day is just around the corner on November 11. What’s your promotional marketing plan to honor military veterans and spread brand awareness? While Veterans Day may not be as popular as the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s actually easier to promote. Veterans Day gives you a clear demographic, and provides an opportunity to form bonds with potential customers by showing support for veterans. For example, choose a school or community event near you and hand out these personalized military gifts.

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Trend Watch: React and Adapt, Customized Apparel


“What’s trending?” It’s a question you ask us often. The best part? It’s a question we love answering. Utilizing lots of research, our team compiles the promotional products that reflect the trends you’re seeing in retail stores, online, and on the street.

Today’s focus is the React and Adapt trend – a trend that embodies versatility and the ability for a branded product to perform multiple functions.  The products that fall into this development trend were designed and built for a target demographic that loves adventure and the unknown.

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Unique Promotional Products for College Fairs


At college fairs, potential students can be easily overwhelmed. Rushing from one booth to the next for several hours, they are inundated with messaging and branding as they ponder their academic futures. In the college fair setting, it’s difficult for them to properly absorb all the necessary information to settle on a college or two where they want to apply.

For this reason, bringing useful and unique promos can set your college or university apart. Young consumers love swag that is both stylish and functional. In fact, 85% of people who receive giveaways and promotional products will keep them if they are useful to have, according to PPAI. Before you head out to the next round of college fairs, make your institution to stand out from the rest by investing in the following promotional products. .

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Best Fall Promotional Products for Giveaways


Promotional products are the most cost-effective when you calibrate your marketing strategy to align with your customers’ needs. Choosing giveaways that are trendy and used often will translate to a higher number of impressions, but using the same promotional giveaways at events year-round is a mistake. As we enter fall and the temperatures drop, take advantage of the chilly weather and promote your brand with promotional products that will be used all season long.

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