Choosing Promotional Drinkware for an Event


Are you planning an event where beverages of any kind will be prominently featured? If so, you have the perfect opportunity to give your guest promotional drinkware so they will remember the event – and your brand. Each time they use your promotional Koozies, custom can coolers or custom coffee mugs, your company gains valuable exposure.

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, 53% of U.S. consumers own promotional drinkware, and half of U.S. consumers who own logoed drinkware use it two to three times a week or more. This adds up to countless advertising impressions for the marketer.

So, which type of promotional drinkware best fits your event? That depends on the type of event as well as the type of drink that will be featured at that event. Is it an evening event where beer or wine will be served? Or possibly a holiday event during the winter months where coffee or hot chocolate will be offered? Let’s not forget the numerous athletic events that simply serve water. Water may seem like a basic beverage to serve but think of all of the fun promotional water bottles out there that can prominently display your brand.


If you are planning a breakfast or morning meeting where coffee will be a must-have, the best kind of promotional drinkware for your event would be custom coffee mugs. Since branded coffee mugs are used daily, they drive your message “home” on a consistent basis. Custom coffee mugs are also a great choice for outdoor events where hot chocolate or hot cider will be served.


103415-45448On the other hand, if you’re hosting an event where adult beverages will play a central role, promotional Koozies and custom can coolers are an affordable way to get your brand in the hands of many people who are having a good time while displaying your brand on their promotional drinkware. If it’s more of an elite event for top clients within your company, you could instead opt for glass drinkware such as beer mugs, shot glasses or wine glasses.



Perhaps you’re planning to sponsor a sports team or a marathon and want to provide a keepsake for guests that will help them keep their beverages chilly and ensure you gain repeated advertising impressions, long after they leave the event. There are dozens of promotional water bottles to choose from to help your brand stay in consumers’ hands.


Promotional drinkware is a great choice for a promotional product giveaway as long as you know which type of promotional drinkware best fits your event.

As always, be sure to contact our HALO Account Executive for all of your promotional needs!

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  1. We absolutely agree with you that promotional drink wares are one of the most sought after ways, companies reach out to people. The items are attractive; no doubt, but also so usable. Nobody minds having an extra coffee mug or bottle at home or in office. People would retain them for years to come. Promotional products which score high on usability are always more effective than others.

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