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Are you getting ready to open a new restaurant? Hopefully, you’ve started looking for restaurant grand opening ideas long before the big day because this is a major milestone.

Grand openings are extremely important for restaurants because they depend on word-of-mouth buzz to build a loyal customer base, perhaps even more than other businesses.

Even if your restaurant is a franchise, and especially if it’s an independent establishment, you’ll need to plan a memorable restaurant grand opening to announce your presence to your local community.

So, what should you plan to hand out at your restaurant grand opening? Here are some ideas to consider:

Let Them Eat Samples

Handing out delicious samples of your food is a must. Plan to have your chef prepare as many samples of your most delicious cuisine as possible.

If your budget is tight, opt for meatless dishes — but try to pick dishes that are unique to your restaurant. Grand opening attendees will get a taste of what’s on the menu, now that your restaurant is open.

Best Giveaway Gifts

Promotional products are great restaurant grand opening giveaways, who doesn’t love to get customized household gifts? If your restaurant serves Italian food, hand out promotional pizza cutters with your restaurant’s logo and contact details.

If your restaurant is (or hopefully soon will be) well-known for its delicious deserts, hand out a promotional ice cream scooper to every grand opening attendee. If your restaurant will also feature a bar, hand out promotional drinkware such as champagne flutes imprinted with your restaurant grand opening date to commemorate the occasion.

These branded premiums can be imprinted with your logo and contact details, serving as constant reminders of your business. Restaurant owners can offer T-shirts, mugs and much more to remind people of your local establishment.

For a more in-depth dive into restaurant grand opening ideas, contact your HALO Account Executive today!

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One Response to Restaurant Grand Opening Giveaways

  1. Awesome ideas of promotional branding, for a newly opened restaurant. The give-aways like pizza cutters and mugs always work effectively to build on the brand recall factor; not only because they are attractive and interesting, but they are also very usable. It is not a very good idea though, to completely opt for a vegetarian platter on an opening. There are many non-vegetarians out there, who would not want to have meatless dishes. If one does want to cater to them later on, including one or two non-veg samples might be a good idea.

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