Bluetooth Speakers for Any Budget


Bluetooth speakers are taking the retail and promotional industries by storm.  Sales and development numbers are trending way up, and it seems like everyone and their mother – literally, are streaming their content wirelessly. There’s great news in all of this! Bluetooth speakers are a versatile promotional product and can be used as an employee “thank you” gift, a welcome present for new students and interns, or even a sweepstakes prize to build brand loyalty.

You don’t need a massive budget to jump on board the Bluetooth speaker trend; we’ll take you through some speakers that fit every budget.  But first – let’s explore why Bluetooth is such a big trend.

Why is Bluetooth technology so popular in speakers?

According to BusinessWire, Bluetooth speakers make up about 75% of the portable speaker market currently, and that percentage is only going up.  By 2021 it’s predicted that all speakers will support wireless connection. So, what’s driving this growth? A few key reasons play a part.

Subscriptions to cloud based streaming services (think Amazon Music, Spotify, and Pandora) are on the rise.  These platforms make it easy to access your music anywhere – at the office, on a run, or at a tailgate. As more subscribers use these services, the demand for wireless devices that make music accessible on the go goes up too.

Another reason that keeps the demand for Bluetooth speakers high is that it’s just SO easy! Connecting your smart device to a Bluetooth speaker is simple.  Regardless of the brand or manufacturer, you can effortlessly connect iPhones, tablets, iPads, or Android devices to the portable speaker and start jamming out.

Lastly, customers are truly excited about the developments in portable speakers.  Increased demand has allowed for a big investment from companies in research and development which means in a nutshell, better product for you! Technological advances like longer lasting battery life, better sound quality, added features like a powerbank and speaker combo, and waterproof capabilities add value.  It’s not all about the technical features, though – the appearance of speakers has also improved. Speakers with fabric accents, trendy colors, and unique silhouettes have made their way onto the market.

Speakers for any budget

So now that we know why Bluetooth speakers are trending let’s talk about some options that fit into every budget – large and small.

If you’re looking for a speaker for a sweepstakes prize or maybe a welcome gift for interns that won’t break the bank – check out the Budget Bump Bluetooth Speaker, coming in under $10:

budget promotional speaker | HALO Branded Solutions

This portable speaker is compact in size, making it perfect for listening to music on the go.  Fun fact – you can decorate the front grill with your brand’s logo in full color.

Maybe you’ve got a few more dollars to spend and you want to tap into the popular fabric accents trend? The Fortune Fabric Bluetooth Speaker should be your go to:

Fortune Fabric Bluetooth Speaker | HALO Branded Solutions

The Fortune speaker combines exceptional sound with a high value look, incorporating knitted fabric cloth into the design.  You can take conference calls from this one, too – making it the perfect gift for employees who work remotely.

Do you have a large budget for clients or executive gifts? The High Sierra Lynx Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker and Charger is a must have for those occasions that require a premium piece of tech.

Promotional Bluetooth Speaker- High Sierra Outdoor | HALO Branded Solutions

This speaker is dust proof, waterproof and drop proof – perfect for outdoor adventures.  Plus it features a 2600 mAh battery that doubles as a powerbank, so this is really a two in one item.

Do you want to promote your brand with a Bluetooth speaker but need some guidance on which one to choose? Contact HALO today to talk about our vast collection of portable speakers!


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