HALO Fall 2017 First Place Scholarship Winner – Alexis P.

Congratulations to Alexis P. of Windermere, Florida for winning first place in the Fall 2017 HALO Scholarship Contest. Alexis won a $1,500 scholarship towards her education at the University of Central Florida.

Alexis P. - HALO Fall 2017 Scholarship First Place Winner | HALO Branded Solutions

Alexis P. – HALO Fall 2017 Scholarship First Place Winner

When asked how her education is helping her think like a marketer, she responded, “I am just one semester into my coursework at UCF, but I have already recognized a lot of opportunity to strengthen my skills in business – especially marketing. I am a member of Student Government where we are learning a lot about representing the student body and promoting fund raising events and activities for students. I am also a LEADS scholar – which is a selective 2-year academic leadership program where we interact with professors and community leaders who serve as our mentors. These experiences are establishing a strong foundation for my future work in marketing.”

Read her winning essay below.

Prompt: Describe a community branding event done well. What organization or brand hosted the event? What was the objective? How were promotional products incorporated? Was the objective met? If so, what helped make the event a success? If not, could the brand improve the event next time?

Before I recognized the profession of marketing and advertising, I always had a strong interest in following the companies that provided the products and services I respected and purchased. I had not considered a profession in marketing, until my junior year in high school. I didn’t really know or understand what marketing entailed, but I did find great interest in following promotions, viewing online ads, and watching television commercials for products that interested me. Some of my favorite brands are Apple, Victoria Secret, and Forever 21.

I consider myself a smart shopper and often use coupons to expand my purchasing power. Therefore, when I see a sale, receive a coupon, or hear of a promotional event – I typically take notice. One of my most favorite community branding events is the Victoria Secret Campus Party Hosting Event. For the last two years, this is one event I have followed on social media and attended in person. The event typically starts off with a pre-party gathering in our Student Union. There, Victoria Secret promoters set

up tables and provide goodie bags, t-shirts, and other promotional materials. I would find it hard to believe that there is a single college student who has not heard of Victoria Secret. Therefore, this event is not targeted at introducing the brand but instead focused on building brand loyalty. Victoria Secret also uses the event to introduce students to their various social media platforms and run contests enticing students to follow the company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, etc. In fact, I understand that Victoria Secret is one of the top brands to use the most social media platforms1.

Victoria Secret successfully strengthens brand loyalty through these Campus Party Events by bringing products out to the college campuses, helping many students find comfort through brand recognition. Let’s face it, after a few months in school, many of us miss our time spent with friends shopping at the mall. Seeing Victoria Secret products on campus, brings us back to our carefree days of high school and shopping with friends. One of the most successful marketing promotions tied to these campus events is the sale of college spirit apparel. If you are not familiar with these lines, Victoria Secret creates a PINK collegiate collection where our favorite Victoria Secret products are co-branded with our college emblem. Many of the major colleges have co-branded products. The concept is brilliant, because we not only crave to purchase PINK branded products  but we also fall in love with products bearing our college logo. These products are also timely – as we seek out apparel for tailgate parties and begin to make our holiday lists for our parents.

Victoria Secret products are not inexpensive for college students, but never the less, the demand with students is hot. Victoria Secret products are very exclusive, high quality, and comfortable. The demand for their products is elevated through the unique nature of co-branded products and through specialized events brought directly to college campuses. Many of us who have withdrawals from shopping our favorite Victoria Secret storefront – look forward to these events each year. It has become a tradition on college campuses and a very successful marketing campaign that has squarely targeted and hit the 18-24 year-old demographic. I hope Victoria Secret keeps doing these events – we love them!


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