2020 PPAI Expo

The PPAI Expo, in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the largest tradeshow in the promotional products industry with the largest amount of attendees. Every year, 13,000 individual distributors and 4,200 distributor companies attend the tradeshow. Suppliers encourage future clients to buy their products in order to help their business grow and succeed. With the thousands of booths laid out throughout the show, it is easy to get caught up in all of the commotion. Every year, the suppliers have to step up their game to attract attendees over to their booth. Some of these tools are great booth displays, fun giveaways, and having the most popular products on the market. These tool will make any booth stand out from their competitors.

Having a great display, booth, or a main attraction is a great way to draw potential customers in. Numo, Snuqz, and Sweda did an outstanding job with their booths. Numo’s display consisted of a small house with two levels. The bright colors, bubble ball pit, and “home-y” feel, drew customers right in. Snugz was also a huge attraction at the PPAI show with their “Selfie with a Llama Station”. There were two llamas for attendees to pet, take pictures of, and take selfies with. This not only drew traffic to their booth, but was a great way to share their booth on social media.

Having a fun booth is a great way to draw attendees to your booth, but having unique giveaways is important too. Numo and Hub Pens did a great job attracting potential clients with their giveaway products. Numo may have had a great booth, but their giveaways were just as fun. Throughout the mini house there were Jotter Pens, Tuck and Toss reusable bags, Can Insulators, Ripstop Scrunchies, Mini Notebooks, and the Penny Pouch Ripstops samples to take. These items were scattered throughout the house so it made it even more fun to explore the many rooms of the house. Hub Pens also had great giveaways. Though a pen might not seem like a fun giveaway, they had the latest pens out for grabs. Two popular pens were the Textari® Spectrum pen, a colorful metallic pen, and the Lemonade Pen, which features a gradient with a soft matte feel.

While distributors at the PPAI show have many items displayed at their booths, everyone asks the same question: “So what are the newest and most popular products?” Everyone wants to know the latest and greatest promotional products for the upcoming year. Some popular new products could be found at Pop! Promos, Starline, and Leeds. Pop! Promos came out with a new line of travel bags called the Packing Pouch Set. This set comes with four bags ranging from size extra small to large and they are fully customizable. These packing pouches can proudly display your fully custom brand design and is a trendy travel accessory. Starline also had a great new product that takes branding to a new level. Starline can take their vacuum sealed water bottles and place braille on the bottle for a great way to market your brand in a more diverse way. The Leeds Field & Co. Mini Campus Backpack was another popular product at the show. Mini backpacks have become a trend that replaces purses. This backpack comes in two colors and the canvas paired with an embroidered logo makes for the perfect pack for any college student and or frequent traveler.

Great booth displays, fun giveaways, and the having the most popular products on the market are the way to catch the attention of the thousands of attendees at the PPAI Show in Vegas. Taking advantage of these tools will raise visibility and draw traffic to any booth.

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