3 Reasons to Add a Company Store to Your Fundraising Efforts

Add company store to fundraising efforts | HALO Branded SolutionsNo matter what your cause, meeting fundraising goals can be challenging. The most important thing in any fundraising effort is making it easy for donors to give. We see this in our daily lives with options to give a dollar to homeless pets when we checkout at the pet store or round up our grocery bill to give the spare change to a local food pantry.

Another way to make it easier for people to donate to your cause is hosting a company store on your website. Here are three reasons to consider selling branded products online to help you raise funds for your cause.

  1. Attract donors who cannot attend your physical event: If your big fundraising effort is at an event such as a charity drive or run, that doesn’t mean you can’t accept donations at other times. Give those who cannot attend your event a way to participate by selling branded items online with a portion (or 100%) of the proceeds going to your cause. People will feel like they’re a part of your organization and they did good, all without leaving the comfort of their homes.
  2. Store items double as gifts for donors: Some donors are more willing to give if they get something in return. It may be easier for them to justify writing you a check if they know they’re going to get an attractive piece of promotional apparel or souvenir to keep.
  3. Spread awareness for your cause: The items you sell in your store not only help you raise money for your cause, but they spread awareness, too. Every time a donor wears his or her promotional sweatshirt or uses that keepsake coffee mug, your brand message is on display to the public. The more people who learn about your cause, the larger your pool of potential donors becomes. Bonus: Word of mouth advertising is generally more trustworthy, so people will appreciate learning about your cause from their trusted friends and family. If Aunt Sue supports your organization, maybe Cousin Bobby will, too.

If you’re interested in setting up a company store to house your promotional fundraising items or would like information on other fundraising solutions we offer, contact HALO today. We’ll work with you to develop an online store that fits your brand, is attractive to donors and helps you stay on top of inventory like a pro.

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