3 Ways Giveaways Create Awareness for Your Brand


A few years ago, sixty percent of consumers with Internet access claimed they are more likely to buy products from brands they are familiar with, rather than take a chance on new brands. The implications of this innate buyer behavior are massive for companies large and small: no matter how innovative your products and services may be, raising your brand awareness must be a primary focus in order to generate leads.

One bankable method of introducing your brand to potential buyers- and improving the overall awareness of your brand- is to host a branded contest. Read on for three key ways your company giveaway will boost your bottom line well into the future.

Increase Measurable Social Media Metrics


One key function of an external company contest is to focus your social media growth. Integrate hashtags in your branded contest and encourage entrants to upload videos or photos across social media channels. By taking this one simple step, the overall amount of followers, subscribers, and likes on platforms like Facebook and Instagram should permanently grow.

Of course, in order for these numbers to increase as much as possible, you need to choose a goal for your contest.  Formulate an entry form and promotional materials to accomplish what you need. For example, if your objective is lead generation, require basic contact information and perhaps a page “like” to enter the contest.


Establish Your Brand as a Leader in Your Industry


Selling future products and services becomes much simpler when prospective buyers view you as an authority. Choose a great prize that ties directly into your brand’s image so contestants will quickly learn how your brand can improve their lifestyle.

Consider our Trade Show Booth Makeover contest. Any small business or large corporation that submits to our contest can win a trade show booth makeover valued at $1500. This contest establishes us as a promotional leader by improving the winners’ marketing efforts through giveaways. By designing new banners, display walls, table covers, and branded company swag for our three winners; we improve their operations and demonstrate how effective our promotional products are in the trade show environment.

When packaging giveaway items like this, include a monetary value to give entrants a frame of reference. The potential of receiving $1500 of products- and the prospect of actually generating more business- is worth the investment of time it takes to submit an entry!

Foster Loyalty and Build Connections With Existing Customers


Customers that are already loyal to brands spend up to 17% more if they feel valued and heard. Focusing on customer service is vital for every company, and an internal contest focused on connecting with existing customers is an easy way to make them feel valued. Feeling valued easily translates into more purchases per acquisition.

For a contest aimed at existing customers, offer discounts, free services or early access to an exclusive product. Exclusivity makes a consumer genuinely feel special. Demonstrate loyalty to your customers, and they will extend the favor in return.


Are you ready to raise brand awareness and curry favor among your audience? Generate leads and build brand loyalty with a company contest featuring exciting promotional products. If you need ideas for a worthy grand prize, consult your HALO Account Executive today.

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