4 Reasons Why Calendar Advertising Still Works


The Gregorian calendar was introduced in 1582 and they have been a staple in homes and workplaces around the world ever since. With the prominence of tech and smartphones business owners may believe that old-fashioned promotional items like calendars are less effective than in years past. However, the data show that calendar advertising is as strong as ever, and is one of the smartest promotional options for growing businesses.



The main benefit of desk calendars, magnet calendars, and wall calendars is their inherent visibility. If you choose to give away promotional water bottles at your next event your customers will only pull out the item when leaving the house. Calendars enable your brand to maximize exposure because they are prominently displayed on the customer’s wall or on their desk for an entire year.

Friends, family, guests, and co-workers of your customers will also spot your promotional calendar, especially if you choose a design with a clear function or an arresting visual design.

Low Risk


The Promotional Product Association (PPAI) estimates that there are three calendars per home and two per business. If your business or organization is featured on just one of these calendars you can expect multiple impressions per day. Calendars are items that an owner wants to be able to view right away, so having one within eyesight in all rooms is a priority.

Giving away promo calendars carries less risk than with other items because most homes own multiple calendars. Your product won’t be made irrelevant from a past purchase, and your branding message won’t be nullified if another calendar finds its way into a customer’s home first.

High ROI


Calendars are part of someone’s life for a year, and if you gift a customized calendar to loyal customers they are likely to return to your place of business within a year. For restaurants, stores, and similar businesses this means that a calendar costing little more than one dollar can see returns of twenty dollars for each return visit.

Calendars are low-cost and represent some of the best promotional products for the budget-conscious. In fact, the ASI 2014 Impressions Study found that promotional calendars are better at driving new business than drinkware, shirts, or hats.



When choosing a calendar you aren’t saddled with a standard design. Calendars come in hundreds of themes and with options to incorporate custom images and logos to make them completely unique. Calendars can serve multiple purposes, and your brand can hone in on a niche by opting for desk calendars, wall calendars, or pocket calendars that can double as planners. Keep your contact information and location prominently featured on each page of your calendar to push customers toward a future purchase.


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