4 Ways to Market Your Business on Social Media


We are big fans of promotional product marketing, but we also know marketing doesn’t take place in a bubble. The most effective way to market your business is to undertake a holistic approach, reaching your target consumer through a combination of digital marketing and real-world products like promotional items.

For businesses who have not ventured into social media marketing the task may seem daunting, but magnifying your reach and expanding your audience is not a mystery or a difficult process. Americans spend more than two hours on social media per day, so there are more opportunities than ever to connect with users through a well-placed ad or through a dedicated page. Here are top 4 ways to start marketing your business on social media today.


Determine Your Objectives

This isn’t a social media marketing tactic as much as it is common sense: your campaigns will be more effective when you have quantifiable goals. The types of posts you create and the platforms you choose will vary based on your overall objective. Marketing goals on social media can include:

  • Building brand and product awareness
  • Increasing sales of a specific product
  • Generating conversions on your website
  • Ranking for important keywords
  • Cultivating brand loyalty

Choose one objective at a time so your social media marketing will be deliberate, consistent and most importantly, measurable.


Ask an Engaging Question

Posting a simple story about your business may seem like a worthy social media post, but platforms like Facebook will only prioritize your content on newsfeeds if it receives plenty of likes and comments. With no engagement, your carefully-crafted social post goes unseen.

As Forbes points out, one of the best ways to increase your engagement on social media is to ask a question. For example, an online ticket sales distributor could post a short story about a recent show with the question, “What was your first concert?” This type of post will likely perform better as users reminisce about their earlier experiences with live performance.


Focus on User-Generated Content (UGC)

This method of generating excitement for your brand really connects with social media users because the positive visibility of your brand comes from other people, not from the brand itself.

Here’s how a typical campaign will work: encourage social media users who follow you to post a photo (if on Instagram, for example) of them enjoying your product. For example, if you are an outdoor clothing company ask followers to post photos of their weekend hike wearing their branded gear. Be sure to choose a catchy hashtag!

Run a contest where one lucky winner is chosen every week to receive a promotional Adventure Duffle Bag for their hiking excursions. Their photo containing your hashtag counts as their entry. These organic posts shared by real people will serve as free advertising, and you can repost the winning photo to create a more visible connection with your followers.


Reach A Specific Demographic

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow extreme customizability when it comes to the audience of your paid ad. For example, Facebook allows you to specifically target users who have previously visited pages on your website as part of a retargeting campaign, offering a discount or incentive if they purchase a product.

You can also reach niche audiences by targeting demographics. For example, groups  that have experienced certain life events, have a degree from a specific university, like a specific sports team or even align with certain political beliefs. By narrowing the field, you can craft a message that will resonate with users and lead to more conversions.
Once you are effectively reaching more people via social media, capitalize on your momentum by incorporating promotional product marketing into your future campaigns. Talk to a HALO Account Executive today to learn how promotional items factor into any multi-pronged marketing approach.

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