5 Can Cooler Options for Summer


When the heat rises and we flock to outdoor events for fun in the sun, you can get your brand name in the hands of countless people for an affordable cost. Can coolers– also known as KOOZIEs- keep cold drinks cold while preventing condensation from spreading to drinker’s hands and clothes.

Custom can coolers are a go-to promotional product in the summer due to their practicality and sheer versatility. Give them out at concerts, festivals, summer retreats, company picnics, reunions and even weddings. The bright, fun colors really draw the eye to your brand logo and make an indelible impression.

Spread brand awareness this summer with these five can cooler options:



You can’t go wrong with the basics. Our dual-color can cooler is designed to accommodate standard 12-ounce soda and beer cans, but what sets it apart from similar products is the two-toned color option. Organizations like athletic clubs and schools can display their signature colors while also showing off their logo in three distinct locations. Consider selling or giving away beverages already outfitted with your brand’s can cooler.

Awareness Ribbon


Choosing a can cooler with a prominent awareness ribbon on one side demonstrates clear support for a cause, making this KOOZIE a logical choice for charity walks, fundraisers and more. Keep your brand visible while keeping walkers or runners hydrated by serving refreshments or handing off drinks in an awareness ribbon can cooler. The laminated open cell foam easily folds flat for storage.

Bottle Cooler


Most KOOZIEs are designed for 12-ounce cans, so if you want to reach as many people as possible at an outdoor event, come prepared with some full-color zipper bottle coolers. Most standard beer and soda bottles will fit comfortably in the neoprene lining, and the zipper feature ensures that the drink is as insulated as possible. Choosing a combination of promotional bottle coolers and can coolers will allow you to connect with every person in need of refreshment.

Party Cooler


Company retreats and picnics can benefit from a utilitarian and convenient party cooler. Easily holding 24 cans and sufficient ice, choose one of five color options and prominently feature your company name or logo. A complimentary bottle and can opener, front open pocket, and carry handles ensure that recipients will use this transportable cooler for years. For a low price, you can hand out coolers that are leak-proof and easy to clean.

Coffee Cozy


No matter what time of year, coffee is going to be in high demand. To cover all of your bases, order some eco-friendly reversible and reusable coffee cozies. Full color imprints on the inside and outside guarantee maximum brand exposure. Coffee shops, bookstores, and colleges can stock these in the gift shop throughout the year to gain impressions.

Looking for more types of can coolers to jump start your brand promotion this summer? Talk to your HALO Account Executive to explore the dozens of options at your disposal. Keep your brand in the spotlight with useful and convenient custom KOOZIEs.

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