5 Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Embroidered Apparel

embroideryWhether you’re ordering embroidered apparel for an employee recognition initiative or corporate philanthropy event, selecting the right type of embroidered apparel is an important part of the buying process. For instance, if you are planning an event for executives, you would order custom embroidered apparel items such as polo shirts and oxford button-downs. Likewise, if your audience members were farmers, embroidered caps would be a good choice to keep the sun out of their eyes.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect custom embroidered apparel, you’ll want to know how to order embroidered apparel like a pro. Maybe you’re new to buying custom embroidered apparel, or maybe you’d just like a few hacks to keep in mind while you’re making decisions. To ensure your promotional apparel is completed with the highest quality, here are five mistakes to avoid when ordering embroidered apparel.

1. Not knowing the vocabulary.

Stitch-out or stitch sample shows you what your embroidered design will look like, either via an actual sample or, most likely, a computerized image. The two main types of embroidery stitches are satin, which is for text and lines, and fill, which is for backgrounds (similar to stroke and fill in Adobe CS applications). Check out HALO’s recommendations for Embroidery Terms to Know 1.0 and Embroidery Terms to Know 2.0

2. Sending the wrong size logo.

Is your company’s logo very wide, long or high? Is it extremely horizontal or vertical? If you’re ordering custom embroidered shirts, the imprint area on the chest will usually be around 4” by 4”. The dimensional size of your logo has direct bearing on the price of your embroidery. For embroidered caps, you often only have an imprint area of about 2.5”.

3. Not pricing the stitch count.

To ensure you order custom embroidered apparel at the appropriate price point, remember that embroidery pricing is calculated on stitch count. In other words, how many stitches will it take to embroider your logo? The stitch count is determined by the size and amount of detail in the logo design. Very complex designs can have 200 to 300 percent more stitches. Be sure to ask your HALO account executive to give you an estimate on your stitch count so you can avoid unexpected charges.

4. Not sending the right artwork.

Before sending your artwork to HALO for digitizing, please have your production team provide a vector file if possible to reduce graininess. Also please try to size the logo approximately the same size you want your logo to be in the imprint area.

5. Overlooking the details.

Plan carefully when ordering embroidered apparel to maximize your advertising value. For instance, don’t order navy blue embroidered apparel if part or all of your logo is navy blue since your logo wouldn’t be visible on a navy background. At HALO, we will try to catch errors like this, but it’s best if you prevent that possibility by thinking through the details.

Now that you know some custom embroidery ordering hacks, keep in mind that branded apparel comes in countless  styles with numerous decoration options. Your HALO account executive can help you find something to make your brand stand out. Call today to discuss your options!

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