5 Products to Pass Out at Your Spring 5K


When the weather is cooperative, a 5K race is a great event to raise funds for an important cause, as well as create camaraderie among your employees and their families. Sponsoring a 5K is a bit of a juggling act. Your team will need to choose a cause, market and promote the event, schedule the activities on the day of the race and create the race course itself. With planning and the right tools however, you can run a successful and memorable event.

Don’t allow your brand to get lost in the shuffle! Runners and casual attendees can all benefit from helpful promotional products. Carefully selected giveaways can continue to make impressions long after your 5K has come to a close. Bring these useful products along to your event and hand them out to attendees:

Water Bottles


Bringing a variety of promotional water bottles should be your top priority. In the warm sun, your competitors will need to stay hydrated. Refueling is a breeze with a reusable water bottle. Avoid larger, bulkier bottles that can weigh runners down by opting for a slender sports bottle. Designed with side finger grips, racers can keep it firmly in their hands.



Any sun exposure longer than half an hour should be combated with some form of sun protection. Preoccupied with preparing for the race, some of your employees may neglect to lather up or bring their own sunscreen. Help keep them healthy by handing out a combination of SPF 30 sunscreen and SPF 15 lip balm to cover all of the bases. These small bottles will also provide a subtle way to keep your company name in the spotlight.

Customizable Koozies


Friends, family and employees watching the race will want to stay cool on a hot day with a refreshing beverage. While blanketing the event with visible reminders of your brand, Customizable Koozies® and can coolers offer the perfect solution for avoiding the “sweaty can” problem. To incorporate variety into your giveaways, think about using several designs: perhaps one that sports your brand and another that raises awareness for your sponsored cause. Looking for ways to cut costs? Ask your HALO Account Executive for can coolers that give you two imprint locations. This way, you can feature both your logo and your cause on a single item.

Matching T-Shirts


Give all participants a complimentary t-shirt to commemorate the event. To raise funds for your cause, you can even enlist employees to sell promotional event t-shirts to their family and friends. While you should include the event name prominently on your t-shirts, don’t neglect to add your brand name somewhere- it’s bound to be noticed!

Of course, t-shirts aren’t your only apparel option. Read our in-depth blog to choose the right apparel for your 5K. HALO’s promotional apparel comes in a variety of colors to complement your organization’s logo.

Wireless Headphones


Many athletes find it easier to power through a race when they can listen to their favorite tunes and get into a groove. Avoid the frustration and potential problems that wires can create by giving away wireless earbuds at your 5K. Though headphones are smaller than other promotional products, they can be used for years, guaranteeing numerous impressions over the course of its life-cycle.

Make it to the finish line with an event to remember! Give away these and other promotional products to ensure your race is a success. Stumped on how to include promotional products in your 5K race? Contact your HALO Account Executive today to discuss more options.

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