5 Promotional Products for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the perfect opportunity to support an important cause. As you finalize your office’s plans for a charity 5K walk or educational community event, remember that no brand presence is complete without breast cancer awareness promotional products. 

In order to connect with attendees, educate them on risk factors and preventative measures while investing in genuinely useful promotional products.. Choosing the right products and designs will help spread word-of-mouth about your organization as you help raise funds to fight breast cancer.

Awareness T-Shirt

Hosting a charity walk to raise funds for breast cancer research? Outfit your entire branch and their families in matching awareness t-shirts that boldly feature the trademark pink ribbon, your organization name and event details. 

Don’t stop with the t-shirt! If various departments are competing to raise the most funds or walk the most steps, order fabric wristbands to help differentiate. These wristbands can also make the admissions process smoother if you are organizing a large event.

Water Bottle
Many common corporate events designed to raise funds for breast cancer research and education involve walking or running. What’s not to love? It’s a group activity that promotes better health and can attract thousands of people. 

A commonsense awareness giveaway for an event of that magnitude is an affordable water bottle. Help everyone at the event stay hydrated with a 20-ounce  water bottle featuring your organization’s logo. Install multiple hydration stations along the route so walkers can rehydrate as needed.


Tote Bag

Hosting a charity walk is far from your only option when promoting breast cancer awareness. Other than raising funds for research, educating people on early detection methods and risk factors is the primary purpose of raising awareness. While most promotional products don’t feature enough space to include this type of information, a promotional tote bag is the ideal promo that can feature such messaging. 

Our eco-friendly, biodegradable tote bag can incorporate your brand name along with important information like a website, location or phone number so people can learn more about breast cancer awareness. Plus, this tote bag is available in the signature powder pink hue. Perfect!

Micro-Fleece Jacket

October is quite a chilly month. The promotional products you give away during Breast Cancer Awareness Month should be useful throughout October, so remember to include seasonal promos for your marketing efforts. A micro-fleece zip-up jacket is a wonderful promotional giveaway for anyone in the office who donates a certain amount toward breast cancer research. 

HALO’s wide array of apparel decoration options empowers you to take your branding to the next level. Gift employees a breast cancer promotional item they will love wearing for years to come.

Awareness Pen

Host a workplace event where employees can donate to the cause and learn more about breast cancer awareness. Convince more people to donate or take a pledge by offering inexpensive breast cancer awareness promotional items like an awareness pen, notepad or mug.

Have your own ideas for a Breast Cancer Awareness Month promotion? Talk to a HALO Account Executive to brainstorm the perfect way to incorporate promotional products into your vision.

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