5 Promotional Products for Cold Weather: Part Two

As winter approaches, your clients will start preparing for the cold weather that’s headed their way. Keep them warm, prepared and ready to conquer the blizzards of the future with these great products!

Jackets & Fleece

The average promotional product is kept for 6.6 months, but consumers keep logoed outerwear for an average of 16 months! Quality and utility are why consumers are keeping products longer. Pick a durable outerwear piece that employees and clients can enjoy throughout the chilly winter months and stay warm with your logo wrapped around them!

Enduring the arctic weather ahead is no match for a quality jacket. These ladies’ and men’s North Face jackets stay dry no matter the weather and can be packed into the left pocket for easy storage or travel! If you don’t live in a region that gives Antarctica a run for its money, you can opt for a lighter polyester zip-up or fleece jacket.

Coffee & Travel Mugs

Hot chocolate and apple cider are a part of every consumer’s winter, so why not give them a logoed mug to enjoy it in? In respect to advertising, logoed mugs are more effective than radio and television advertisements. According to research done by PPAI, 57% of consumers were able to recall the advertiser on a mug compared to 32% of radio and 28% TV.

The options for logoed winter drinkware are endless. Clients can enjoy a fireside drink in this Stoneware Spooner Mug or take a cup of joe on-the-go in this stylish Collin Travel Mug. Consider a holiday themed imprint that your clients will love to increase the shelf life of your logo!

Socks & Slippers

Promotional socks are a fun marketing piece to add to any branding campaign. Display your brand in full color sublimation everywhere your employees or clients go! These Sublimated Mid-Calf Socks will show your brand in vivid color on a high-quality, unisex sock. If you’re looking for a longer style, try the Jacquard Socks that reach up to mid-calf height.

For cozy nights in, clients can enjoy these Kozi Slippers that are suede lined for maximum comfort. Whatever footwear you choose, your brand will walk miles!

Emergency Road Kit

Snowstorms may be fun to play in, but they are not as fun to drive in. Gift clients with safety with an emergency road kit to ensure they stay safe if they are left roadside in a snowstorm. Consumers will be sure to remember your brand when you save them from being stranded on the highway!

Holiday Décor

The holiday season is quickly approaching and it’s the perfect time to take advantage of promotional holiday décor. Decorations guarantee that your brand will be on display all season long! Get your clients in the holiday spirit while showcasing your brand to the world.

Bestow a Sphere Photo Globe or Snow Globe Photo Frame upon your clients so they can display their favorite holiday photo on their desk or household shelf. Custom Shape Acrylic Holiday Ornaments are a perfect way to exhibit your logo in a client’s house for maximum exposure!

Preparing for the cold weather is easier than you think. Contact your Account Executive today to find the right products for your next promotion!

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