5 Reasons for Breweries to Use Promotional Products in Their Marketing Strategy

Craft beer is booming  and is showing no signs of slowing down in the United States. While this is theoretically good news for breweries, it also means that competition is fierce — as of last year there are more than 6,300 breweries in the country. Over 2,500 breweries opened in the last three years.

With this influx of supply in the market, it is crucial for your brewery to generate impressions and make an impact on consumers. Your marketing strategy, even with a modest budget, should reach potential buyers in your area and create a favorable impression of your brand.

Here are the top five reasons why you should incorporate beer promotional items into your upcoming marketing efforts:


The overhead costs when opening a brewery are staggering. When you want to make a focused effort to get your brand name on the lips of consumers, focus on marketing methods that won’t send you into the red. Beer promotional products are more cost-effective than traditional forms of advertising, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI). Promos cost less than a penny per impression if you choose useful, targeted promotional products. Promos generally cost less than one penny per impression. Keep your spending low with can coolers and KOOZIEs that sport your brewery logo and colors with every use.


In a market of tastes and preferences, perception and the buyer’s attitude toward you is everything. Many breweries are located in historically cold cities, which dovetails nicely with this helpful promotional product marketing tip: promotional outerwear gives 63% of recipients a positive attitude toward your brewery. Designing and gifting trendy promotional hoodies or jackets will help craft beer fanatics brave the cold and encourage them to make their way over to your pub or brewery.


When you choose promotional products your target audience will love, you will maximize impressions, word of mouth marketing, and good will from future customers. 92% of promo recipients will hang onto a promotional item if it is functional and useful, according to a study from Identity Works. What could be more useful to your customer base than customized drinkware? A branded beer stein or pint glass will become a staple in any craft beer fan’s kitchen.


In the early stages of advertising, your main goal is simply to get ad viewers to remember your brand name. If you choose branded giveaways like hats or t-shirts, the vast majority of recipients will be able to remember your brewery name and logo. The same Identity Works study found that 76% of people who receive promotional products recall the product, advertiser, and the message of the promotional item for at least two years. The most recent ASI Impressions Study found that the percentage of recipients who can remember the advertiser jumps to 85% for wearable swag like hats and t-shirts.


When you work with a HALO Account Executive to design and execute your beer promotional products, you have access to thousands of unique promotional products tailored to your exact vision. Implement your precise color scheme on a trendy, modern promotional product that is in line with the latest industry trends. When you’re ready to improve the visibility of your brewery, reach out to HALO Branded Solutions today.

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