5 Reasons to Keep Promotional Products a Part of Your 2019 Marketing Strategy


As you assess your marketing strategy for 2019, you’ll have crunched the numbers to see what business marketing products made an impact for you and what strategies failed to return your investment. The world is always changing, so every year we must ask ourselves: how do we position our brand to be – and remain – on the minds of our customers? How do we set ourselves apart from the competition and make meaningful connections with new customers?

Promotional marketing products like giveaways and freebies continue to prove their cost-effectiveness and ability to improve a recipient’s view of your brand. Here 5 effective reasons why promos have to remain a central component of your marketing efforts in 2019.

Promos Conquer Valuable Ad Space


Many of our potential customers work at a desk for eight hours a day, staring at the same few objects as they complete their daily tasks. Desk real estate is the most valuable ad space when targeting working professionals, and promotional office products like mugs, stress balls, power banks, mouse pads, and pens will all keep your brand highly visible throughout the year.


Promos Increase Perceived Value


Many consumers overestimate the cost of producing promotional products. If you order in bulk, you can acquire high-quality promos for a fraction of the estimated retail value. This difference (in real cost versus perceived cost) makes the recipient of any premium promotional product extremely grateful, and more likely to do business with your company in the future. For example, a backpack that would cost $35 in a retail environment could be ordered via bulk-purchasing for $12.


Promos Create Good Will


One of the smartest ways to leverage promotional products is to sponsor a local charity or event and provide free promotional items to get your brand name noticed in the local community. For example, provide the t-shirts for a neighborhood kids baseball team or host a charity sporting event. Companies will maximize their impressions after a charity event by giving away promotional products at community sporting events. Sponsoring these types of events positions your brand as charitable and giving, which will sway potential customers to do business with you.


Promos Penetrate the Real World


Most of the advertising and marketing an average person sees is digital, whether a sponsored post on their social media feed, an ad on television, or a PPC ad on the side of their browser. Promotional products are tangible, making them far more interesting than a digital advertisement or coupon code sent via email. Creating a tactile, personalized promotional item allows recipients to connect with something more meaningful and personal, whether it’s a standard promo like a tote bag, or something unique like a multi-tool.


Promos Give Thanks


Corporate promotional gifts are a thoughtful way to show a hard-working employee how important they are to a company, and how much their work is appreciated. The cost of employee turnover is nearly 2.5 times their yearly salary depending on your industry. Reward outstanding employees with branded promotional products to provide tangible connections to your company. Personalized awards and plaques can be proudly displayed at their desk for all to see.

Useful, targeted promotional items will be kept in homes for years. With consumers tuning out traditional advertising and online ads, promotional products remain one of the most effective ways to connect with customers and push them toward a purchase. Discuss your 2019 marketing strategy with a HALO Account Executive to determine how promotional items can improve your bottom line.

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