5 Tips to Setting and Achieving Your 2020 Goals

2020 marks the end of a decade, which also means it is the perfect time to set new life goals. January 1st is when new diets are started, routines are created, and motivation is at an all-time high. Make 2020 your best year yet by implementing a new lifestyle with these tips to not only set your goals, but also to achieve them.

Think About Your Goals

Let’s start with asking yourself the question, “Where do you want your life to take you?” Think big and long term– ­don’t limit yourself to goals that are really just habits within the next 50 years. Now, imagine yourself living out your biggest dream.  Whether it’s a job, house, vacation, or location, what is stopping you from living out that dream? Think about your ultimate goal and then what it’s going to take to get there.

Think about the past year, were you successful with your 2019 goals?  Do you have areas that need more focus? Think about where you will be exactly one year from today versus where you want to be in your life. Whether your goals are work, fitness, or family oriented, the following steps will help you stay on track to achieving what seems like the impossible.

Write Your Goals Down and Create a Plan

Daydreaming is over, it’s time to set your goals in stone. Here is where you will break down your overall goal into smaller, more digestible short-term goals such as within the week, month, and year. Try using a planner or a journal to hold yourself accountable and on track. Physically writing down your goals on a paper with a pen creates a concrete plan, as well as sending neurological signals to your brain to process and encode.

Plan every detail out from when you’ll wake up, down to when you’ll go to sleep. Track your progress daily in a To-Do List broken down by the time of day to ensure you accomplish your daily goals.

Put Your Plan into Action

It’s time for the hardest, but most rewarding part of any goal – putting the plan into action. This is the part where you have to focus on kicking bad habits to create new, healthy ones. Did you know it takes about three weeks to break or form a habit? Habits aren’t formed or broken overnight; but you’ll be able to break or create any habit if you stay on goal for 21 days straight.

Putting your plan into action is the hardest part because you cannot think about something you want and it will magically appear. You have to work hard every single day. At first, it is a conscious, draining effort to change your mindset and physical routine. Over time, you will be able to speak your goals into existence by continual hard work and dedication to yourself.

As you live out your plan, don’t forget to keep track of your progress periodically, or every day if times allows. At the end of the week, month, or year, you will be able to see your progress. 

Evaluate, then Re-evaluate

In the beginning, it’s important to closely follow your progress so you can evaluate your goals. With the ability to honestly evaluate yourself, you will be able to reset your bar each time you surpass or fall short of your goals – no matter if they’re set too high or too low. Never lose your focus of the ultimate goal, and don’t get frustrated if you don’t achieve a smaller one. Re-evaluate each time by asking yourself why you did or didn’t achieve the goal. Was your goal attainable? Did it push you too much, or maybe not enough?

If you want to continually get better, you must continually revisit your goals to ensure you are on track to achieving your ultimate goal. By keeping track of your progress daily and weekly, you’ll have a better insight on your progress.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Making a lifestyle change is difficult. You have to stay on track and continue to push yourself long after the excitement of setting a new goal is gone. Nobody is ever going to want you to reach your goal more than you. You have to hold yourself accountable, how will you do it?

This step will look different for everyone, but one helpful tip is to hang them up in highly-visible areas such as your closet or near your bathroom mirror. You can use Dry Erase Markers to write directly on your mirror, or leave a Dry Erase Board next to your bed to review your goals before going to sleep at night. Push yourself to stay focused and don’t let outside influences deteriorate your motives.

Overall, these five steps can be the difference between you crushing your 2020 goals, and your 2020 goals crushing you. Don’t let another year, or decade go by where your goals aren’t met – leaving you disappointed and frustrated. There is no better time to start then now, in 2020, with a fresh start to your new lifestyle.

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