5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Employees



The Society for Human Resource Management found that employee retention was the single greatest challenge faced by HR professionals in today’s competitive market. Not all effective employee recognition programs are purely based on monetary compensation – in fact, many employees will demonstrate greater loyalty to a company with thoughtful gifts, explicit recognition of good work, and other mood-boosting perks. Stay within budget by trying any of these methods of showing your employees how important they are.

Allow for Schedule Disruptions


Time is money – show your employees their value by gifting them a substantial break during the week if they’ve accomplished something big or small recently. For example, allowing an employee a two-hour break to hit the gym once a week can serve as a great morale booster. You can even gift your employees branded athletic wear to support their active lifestyle! (Bonus: This can tie into your corporate wellness program, too!)

Improve the Office


Many of the world’s greatest leaders, from Barack Obama to Oprah, have commented that listening is the most important quality a person in power can possess. This Employee Appreciation Day ask your employees, “what one thing would you improve around the office?” Maybe it gets chilly in the early mornings; a super comfy fleece throw blanket will help improve employees’ work environments and put a smile on their faces.

Recognize Specific Accomplishments


A yearly bonus is always appreciated by a deserving employee, but you can really create a personal connection by presenting employees with awards to recognize excellence on the job. You can opt for an employee-of-the-month program or create awards based on your industry. Present the top salesperson each quarter with a commemorative plaque they can proudly display at their desk, or even host an office awards banquet!

Splurge on Snacks


Sweets and treats in the typical office break room are often budget-conscious, and they can taste that way. This month stock your cabinets with delicious snacks and confections that will make your employees giddy without putting you in the red. Pecan turtles and English butter toffee will prove a delightful change of pace from generic snacks. Single out top performers with sweet tooth by gifting personalized chocolate gift boxes.

Plan an Outing

What do your employees love to do for fun? Demonstrate your employee appreciation by organizing an unconventional outing where your employees can blow off steam and connect over a group activity. We feature plenty of ideas for a group outing in our recent blog post – you can show off your crooning skills at a karaoke night or give back to the community at a volunteering event.

Don’t settle for mere compensation – really go the extra mile when choosing how to celebrate your employees to increase their job satisfaction and to keep quality team members on your payroll. Talk to your HALO Account Executive today to brainstorm other ways to incorporate promotional products into your employee appreciation initiatives.

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  1. This is why I miss halo so much the best company I ever worked for. Always got a pay raise, bonus plan. Recognition for doing a great job. Nice holiday parties and always recognized our birthdays. We are a family. I love and miss my peeps.

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