5 Halloween Promotion Ideas that Don’t Involve Candy

Halloween-IconsHalloween may be centered around kids, costumes, and candy, but it is a great opportunity to promote yourself. Handing out candy is fun and produces goodwill with the community. An easy promotion idea is to hand out candy in imprinted wrappers. However candy is quickly eaten or stashed away, drastically reducing its marketing value. To get more out of a Halloween event, here are five candy-less promotion ideas:

  1. Plastic Trick-or-Treat Bags – A must have for any trick-or-treating event especially if your place of business, association, or community is hosting trick-or-treating. You brand will be advertised, door-to-door, wherever the little vampires, ghosts, witches, or princesses go.
  1. Reusable Trick-or-Treat Bags – Promoting with a grocery-like tote provides all of the benefits above, but has longer lasting marketing value. The usefulness of a reusable bag appeals to parents. Each time it is used, it is a walking billboard for your brand.
  1. Reflectors – Hand these out pre-Halloween. They may not be popular with the kids, but parents will appreciate that you are looking out for the safety of their children.
  1. Flashlights – Another safety inspired idea. This one has more staying power and can be used after trick-or-treating by kids and adults alike.
  1. Toys – Finally, something the kids will like. Place your logo on a fun toy and your brand will have a place in the home for a long while. One caution with this idea: Be absolutely sure that the manufacturer of the toy items you give out is compliant with federal state product safety laws. A HALO Account Executive can help you.

For the record, we are not advocating against handing out candy. These ideas can be in addition to handing out candy. Unless, of course, you are a dentist – then skipping the candy is understandable.

Any other fun Halloween ideas out there?

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