6 Ways to Kick Start Your Brain During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year which means the office is filled with secret Santa’s, sweet treats and the excited chatter of holiday plans can lead to one pretty distracted work place. Add in Holiday parties, shopping and cold weather and it’s no wonder we all end up a little drained this time of year.

Holiday Brain

Here are a few ideas to help kick start your holiday brain and get those creative juices flowing!

  1. Play – Color, doodle, play a game, decorate your office for the holidays or partake in any other fun activity that engages the right side of the brain. Sometimes the mind just needs a jump start.
  2. Sleep On It – Like a battery, your brain may need a recharge. Take a nap or let a project simmer overnight. Wake up and tackle it with a fresh prospective.
  3. Find Inspiration – Keep a collection of ads, pictures, stories, magazines, etc. that you really like and then flip through to get the ideas flowing.
  4. Recycle – Remember that one really good idea you had a while ago? Try it again. Tweak it a little. Repackage it. It may work again or spark something brand new.
  5. Do Something Else – Start a different project, catch up on email, wrap those last minute gifts or anything other than what you are stuck on. Your brain will be working on it in the background. A spark may happen or you will be able to come back to it with a clear head.
  6. Collaborate – Two heads are better than one so get someone else’s brain working on it too. Another person or persons provides a fresh perspective.
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