Show State Pride With State-Shaped Decals, Magnets and Keychains


Connecting your local business or charitable cause with a sense of home state pride could be the simple, yet effective marketing solution you’ve been looking for. Champion a project or promotion you believe in by giving away state decals, magnets, or keychains at events and fundraisers.

Why choose promotional products that are shaped like your home state? Many reasons! Most of your potential customers will live in the same state, and there are few factors that unify a customer base quite like geographic location. Being from a unique state like Florida, Arkansas or New Hampshire creates an immediate connection between your brand and your message. Whether you’re trying to boost tourism, endorse a local politician, or support educational initiatives, state-shaped decals and magnets are an effective part of any marketing strategy.

Show off your state pride with your marketing efforts by investing in these state-shaped promotional items:

State Magnets

Encourage shopping local and increase your regional presence by advertising your state pride with your next round of promotional giveaways. State magnets take up a prominent spot in a customer’s kitchen for months to remind them of a relevant promotion or simply keep business or cause at the forefront of their minds. Show loyal clients you value their business with an attractive state-shaped magnet, reminding them of the values you share!


Each state magnet comes with a compelling stock background (beaches and sunshine for Florida, as an example), but you can change the background and add your own imprint to completely customize your magnets. Remember to include any relevant website and contact information on the magnet to convert more potential customers or donors.

State Decals

Let your branding travel beyond the refrigerator with branded state decals. Allow your message to be viewed on the road by affixing your state decal to your vehicle. State-shaped decals are terrific tools to advertise seasonal promotions and generate awareness of charity initiatives spearheaded by your company.


Multi-use state decals can transfer easily from surface to surface, as there’s no layer of adhesive to leave residue behind when you move the decal. State decals work on wood, glass, painted walls and car bumpers so your message can reach far and wide in the local community.

Our decal design is similar to our state magnets, so you can incorporate your imprint with a stock background or design a decal from scratch to align your promotional products with existing marketing materials.

State Keychains

For longevity, consider the cost-effective, soft vinyl state keychains as a viable marketing solution. Any driver or homeowner will keep a keyring for years, making state keychains an invaluable asset for local businesses and organizations. Generate thousands of impressions over time with a state-specific keychain that’s engineered for frequent use.


Your screen-printed logo will be clear and precise with our high gloss finish. State keychains are sold in nearly 20 color options at HALO, so go ahead and match your brand’s marketing colors. Our keychains are available at a low price point so your marketing budget will not be greatly affected by a large order.

Appeal to your customers’ state pride and build a foundation of community with straightforward promotional products like state decals, magnets, and keychains. Contact HALO today to discuss customization options for all of our popular products.

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