7 Best Products People Keep on Their Desks

7bestproductspeoplekeepontheirdesksAn eight-hour work day translates to a bulk of an employee’s time spent in one location. The desk is primary visual real estate for any brand — manage to stay in eyesight of potential customers throughout the day and it’s a matter of time before they’ve ordered something online or visited your brick-and-mortar location.

Choosing the optimal promotional product will ensure your brand name grabs a conspicuous spot on the desk instead of being shoved away in a drawer where impressions can’t be made. Here are the top promotional products that tend to stay out in plain view on a desk:

Coffee Mugs


Caffeine junkies need a boost of energy first thing in the morning, and will often keep sipping from their mug until it’s time to return home. A high-quality coffee mug boldly featuring your company logo will not only remind the original recipient of your brand — the mug can make dozens of impressions throughout a work day as co-workers walk by or stop to chat.

Scratch Pad


No matter how digital offices become every desk employee will need paper within arm’s reach to jot down an email, phone number, or contact name in a pinch. Scratch pads are also preferred for taking notes in company meetings. Order affordable scratch pads as giveaways that any office work will love.



What else will they write notes with? Ballpoint pens are ubiquitous office supplies for a reason: they are always needed. Pens are the second best-selling promotional product due to their low price and high return-on-investment. Always include pens in a swag bag or giveaway, as they will find their way onto someone’s desk.

Desk Calendar


Desk calendars will be in use for an entire year and will take up key desk space to boost your brand. Choose a professional desk calendar that is both functional and attractive so recipients make them a central component of their workspace.

Wireless Mouse


A mouse is an essential tool anyone with a computer uses throughout the day. Secure your brand’s place atop a desk by demonstrating value and making a worker’s desk space less cluttered. A wireless mouse eliminates another cord from their desk, and the ability to change the mouse’s sensitivity makes it a versatile device.



Many modern Apple and Windows computers only contain a single USB-C port, making the task of connecting laptop fans, mice, speakers, and other devices a hassle. Be the solution for your clients with a promotional USB hub that connects four devices to a computer at once while showcasing your brand with a full color imprint.

Stress Balls


The more colorful and memorable the better! Stress balls have become a go-to decorative item on desks around the country, and with a wide variety of options at HALO you can find the right shape and design to embody your brand.

Stay within your budget and claim that coveted spot on top of an employee’s desk with branded items from HALO. Speak to your HALO Account Executive today to align your brand message with your marketing strategy for desktop giveaways.

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