Local Business Marketing Tips

National brands must carefully analyze macro trends in marketing to keep sales consistent and ensure their message is relevant. For local businesses, everything is about context. What works for an auto repair shop in Chicago won’t be the winning solution for a pizza parlor in Savannah — you need to understand the motivation of shoppers in your own neighborhood.

The key to success in a local market is building a loyal community of repeat buyers and visitors. Here are our top local business marketing tips to give you an edge in a crowded and competitive local market.

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Ways to Use Promotional Products in Golfing Tournaments

There are many things to consider when planning a golf event. Details like venue, registration, supplies, and prizes all matter when planning for a successful event. Whether hosting an elaborate golfing tournament or taking the office out for a fun company outing, there are plenty of logistics to take care of before you tee up on the first hole.

Read our quick golf tournament planning guide to host a hole-in-one golf event, and learn how personalizing golf gifts will maximize your event’s impact.

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6 Unique Made in the USA Promos

At HALO Branded Solutions, we offer an ever-growing assortment of Made in the USA products. Leave a lasting impression by choosing promos that will fit your budget, support American workers and expand your brand.

Here are  a few of our favorite American made promotional products:

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Promotional Keychain Buying Guide

Custom promotional keychains are among the most popular low-cost promos because they are useful to consumers and clients across numerous demographics. Because usefulness is the most important factor when recipients decide to keep a promotional item, keychains are the third best-selling affordable promotional item behind pens and pencils.

However, with the sheer volume of options and high degree of customization at HALO Branded Solutions, selecting a final design for your promotional keychain can be difficult. To help make your decision process easier, here are our top suggestions for buying each major type of marketing keychain.

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Patriotic Promos

Independence Day is almost here, and it is time to celebrate the birth of our great nation. Seize the opportunity to catch your current and future customers in good spirits during the national holiday.

The colors red, white and blue will do more good for your company than you would ever expect. According to Insights in Marketing,  colors evoke significant effects on consumers triggering feelings that motivate decisions and actions. Red gives consumers perceived urgency, which appeals to impulse buyers. Blue creates the sensation of trust and security which will push your customers to put more faith in your business. Evoke powerful emotions in your customers and show them your love for this great country through HALO’s patriotic promos.

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