Branded: Iridescent

HALO aims to provide the best products for your services at the best possible cost. Each quarter, HALO hand-selects the latest and greatest promo products to showcase in our Branded Catalog. This quarter’s categories include Iridescent, #Goals, and New and Now. These categories present trending products with exclusive and limited time pricing, just for you! Checkout this sneak peek of some of a few items from our first category, Iridescent.

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Gear Up for the Big Game

Game days are loaded with excitement and energy as two rival football teams prepare to battle it out for the day’s victory, making it the perfect time to rev up enthusiasm for your team and your company. With the excitement of The Big Game looming, now is the perfect time to get your brand in the hands of your customers with game day promos.

Follow along below and check out how you can feature your company’s logo with some promos for The Big Game:

Keep Beverages Cool

It’s Sunday morning and kickoff for The Big Game is hours away. Your invitation said half an hour before kickoff, but you know guests will pour in early looking for a cold beverage. That’s OK, this isn’t your first rodeo, because you came prepared just like two teams did on the gridiron – you have the Pelican™ Cooler. Large enough to keep a wide variety of beverages cold and guests happy, this cooler features your logo on the front vinyl weatherproof panel. Cheering can get exhausting – we know how passionate your guests will get – and they’ll eventually go for a refill. That’s why you’ve strategically placed the cooler close to the action so your guests can grab a drink without missing the game – all while making multiple impressions.

Fire Up the Grill

You have the drinks covered, now it’s time to think about the most important part of the day (besides the game, of course) – the food. Emotions are high and bellies are grumbling, football fans are bound to work up an appetite while cheering for their favorite team. From pre-game snacks to the halftime main course, prepare and serve all of your food while decked out in a custom branded barbeque grill kit and apron.  As the grill chars your brats, wings, and burgers, showcase your branding message on party-goers. As they crowd the kitchen in anticipation, these handy accessories will give you the extra points in advertising impact.

Make Some Noise

One of the best things about being at The Big Game is the deafening crowd noise. Don’t have a state of the art surround sound or a large crowd of your own? No problem. Get your audience fired up with custom branded megaphones and noisemakers. From cowbells to clappers, and thunder sticks to megaphones; noise-making promos are essential in order to get your desired game-day atmosphere. So imprint your logo, and let’s make some noise!

Win or lose, make sure your game day party is an advertising success with custom printed game day promos. For more help, contact your Account Executive today!

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Curated Collection: Outdoor Adventure

It’s time for a new adventure, so let us help you explore in style. Get out into the outdoors this year and enjoy nature. Whether you are experienced or not, being outdoors is beneficial to everyone’s heath both physically and mentally. With these curated products, you will be motivated to get outside and move your body.

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Marketing Your Sports Team

Nerves are building, hearts are racing, and tension is at an all-time high. Tipoff is moments away as the National Anthem roars on. The whistle blows – it’s game time! Basketball fans all across the country are rooting for their favorite teams, whether it’s for a high school, college, or professional team, there’s a fan base for all. Players are dedicated to winning, bringing a competitive edge to each game. It is currently the peak of basketball season and playoffs will soon begin.

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Four Employee Appreciation Day Ideas Your Employees Will Love

The holidays are nearly over, and although many of us could use a much-needed break, Employee Appreciation Day is just around the corner! Employee Appreciation Day falls on Friday, March 6th and it is the perfect day to celebrate your employees.

Research shows that feeling appreciated leads to better health, lower stress, and fewer sick days. If you are not making an effort to celebrate your employees for Employee Appreciation Day, you are missing out! Here are four ideas to get you started.

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