A Promotional Guide for a Grand Opening

Promotional Guide to Grand Opening | HALO Branded Solutions

A  consumer’s first impression of a new business is, oftentimes, during its grand opening. A grand opening can determine how successful a business will be in the future, so it’s important to make sure you leave a positive, lasting, impression.

This can be done by ensuring your business’ grand opening is well-orchestrated and memorable, which can be achieved by selecting the right promotional products and gifts to complement your grand opening.

Before you host your grand opening, it’s important to be prepared by having the essential promotional products to make your event stand out.

Promotional Products to Prep for a Grand Opening:

These three promotional products will help catch a potential customer’s eye, while also promoting your brand:

  1. Invest in something that will grab attention from the street, such as this 14 ft. TearDrop Flag Kit. Place these outside of your new business to get your brand noticed.
  2. Celebrate your new business venture by purchasing these promotional balloons that display your branding. These Premium Qualatex® Microfoil Balloons float for up to five days for extended brand exposure. Use them to catch someone’s eye for your grand opening, or give them two purposes and use them as a giveaway also.
  3.  Our 6’ Best Seller Full Color Table Cover. It’s important to have a display table with informational pamphlets and lets not forget promotional giveaways. Do so while proudly displaying your brand with style using one of our promotional table covers.

Grand opening gifts benefit both the business and the consumer. The consumer gets a useful item, and the business gets to promote their brand with that item every time the consumer uses it.

Promotional Grand Opening Gift Ideas:

When investing in promotional gifts for your grand opening, it’s important to think practical. Think of items people use on a regular basis that could help promote your brand.

Promotional writing utensils and notepads are noteworthy grand opening gifts. In fact, writing instruments are one of the top 5 most influential promotional products!


Promotional garments are another option for a grand opening gift. More than half of consumers across all ages report owning a branded T-shirt, and promotional caps make over 3,000 impressions over their lifetime in the U.S. – talk about being able to recall something off the top of your head!


Promotional bags are also a popular choice for grand opening gifts and can be helpful in advertising a new business. Promotional bags give over 5,000 impressions over their lifetime in the U.S. – that’s more impressions than any other U.S. promotional item!

Promotional Drinkware is also a grand opening gift option worth considering; half of U.S. consumers who own logoed drinkware use it 2-3 times per week or more.

There are many ways to distribute your grand opening gifts, you can give them away to your first 100 guests, you can host fun contests during your grand opening and give out your promotional gifts as prizes, or you can simply hand them out to attendees throughout the day. It all depends on what you think will work best for your business’ audience. The choice is yours!

What are some great promotional grand opening gifts you’ve seen in the past?

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