Add Character to Your Brand With 7 Uniquely Shaped Keychains


Automotive dealerships and trucking lines have found great marketing success with cost-effective keychains, reminding customers of their business every time they turn on their car. This popular promotional product is a winner even outside of the automotive industry, especially if your business or organization picks a unique shape that will support your messaging and connect with your target demographic.

Here are just a few examples of how you can leverage uniquely shaped keychains to generate thousands of impressions through everyday use:


Van Keychain


Whether you repair air conditioners or install flooring, your business can benefit from a well-designed van-shaped keychain. The shape can be integrated into the marketing strategy of any service-oriented business, from car washes and flower shops to carpeting experts. Choose between 17 vivid colors and completely customize the design to resemble an actual van in your fleet.


Number One Keychain


Fantastic for bars, restaurants, schools and any other organization that can be ranked, the number one keychain communicates that your brand is the best value and experience for your customers. If you’ve ever won an accolade in the local newspaper (“best ribs in town!”), capitalize on that success in your keychain marketing message.


Heart Keychain


The heart is a versatile marketing symbol that can promote a healthy living campaign, advertise a seasonal Valentine’s Day special, or simply inform customers how much you love them. The heart keychain is available in red and can be outfitted with silver or gold fittings for an additional charge. Emotionally connect with potential customers by giving out heart keychains as freebies or promos.


State Keychain


At HALO, we sell keychains shaped like all 50 U.S. states so you can promote your local business or cause while imbuing your image with a sense of state pride. Unify customers with a unique state keychain,available at an unbeatable price point for your marketing needs.


House Keychain


Home is where the heart is, and where we store our keys at night. A house keychain is the perfect promotional item for real estate agencies, student housing associations, or senior living facilities to reinforce their services, but remember all the other industries that involve homemaking as well. Many industries can utilize a house keychain to add character and familiarity to their brand.


Stop Sign Keychain


Stop signs are strong visual reminders to be careful and read instructions thoroughly. Stop sign keychains are a logical way to promote a safety and wellness campaign, or to provide specific instructions and reminders to workers and employees. Craft a fun pun or marketing slogan like “stop settling for second best – try our products today” for a light-hearted take on the traditional messaging.


Telephone Keychain



Prospects and clients will be reminded that your business is just a phone call away with a dura-soft telephone keychain. Don’t feel limited by your type of business – any telephone keychain with a phone number proudly displayed will help keep loyal customers in touch and potentially convert new ones.

Customized keychains, carabiners and zipper pulls are convenient promos for communicating key information and for keeping a bold logo within reach at all times. Contact HALO today to brainstorm the best way to increase brand impressions in your local area through effective promotional marketing.

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