Add Style to Your Golf Game with Customized Equipment


Many of your most important meetings will take place miles from your boardroom. The golf course has a mythos of being the prime locale for closing a deal, and business journals have published guides on how to master your golf game to get ahead in your industry. Between the fairway and the clubhouse, you need to pull out all the stops to impress potential clients or hires.

A seamless way to appear professional and make a visual impact on the green is to incorporate promotional golf equipment into your bag. With a coordinated corporate style your brand will stand out, and when you shop at HALO Branded Solutions your marketing budget won’t take a big hit. Outfit your executive team with these customized golf equipment necessities:


Golf Balls

1213-64011541216Customized golf balls are the must-own golf course item, but you may be hesitant to order promotional golf balls. After all, can their quality compete with your favorite brands? You want to impress with your game, not just highlight your brand. Luckily, these White Callaway Warbird Golf Balls – 2.0 Oz. is specially designed for those craving a longer distance with every swing, while boldly featuring your brand or company name. With a full-color screen print available, you won’t have to sacrifice the complexity of your logo to feature it on a customized golf ball.


Caddy Towel

22118-2442Another staple of the course, a branded caddy towel is highly functional and serves as one of the largest surfaces where you can showcase your company name and logo. Our terry velour caddy towel is available in six vibrant hues, and for an additional cost you can select two color imprints for the towel. Order a batch for your employees so everyone can build a brand image while brushing up on their short game.


Cleaning Pouch

5284-3882You’ve met a client to discuss the terms of a sale, and by the end of the second hole their ball needs a thorough cleaning. Gift them a neoprene-like cleaning pouch with a terry cloth liner so they can continue the game without interruption. After you have parted ways, the thoughtful promo items will remain in their home, briefcase or car, keeping your brand at the forefront of their mind.


Golf Tees

6489-gtp10tSmaller in size but always necessary, golf tees are guaranteed to make an impact when you gift them during an afternoon match. These wooden golf tees are well crafted and able to fit your company name with a precise screen print. Choose between eight different colors to complement your specific branding. Bring them to your next outdoor event as memorable giveaways.


Divot Tool

4048-62253When you’re looking for promotional golf items beyond the basics, stock a few zinc alloy divot repair tools in your bag. Elevate both your game and your brand impression with a practical accessory featuring your choice of screen print.
Add further style to your golf game with promotional apparel and golf accessories. Talk to your HALO Account Executive about affordable and high-quality promos that can make the right impression and help close the deal.

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