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It’s that time of year again! The time when summer is beginning to come to a close and students across the country are prepping to head back to school. This time of the year is a perfect opportunity for businesses and educational establishments to gain impressions from students, parents and even teachers. One of the most important things to remember when creating promotional products is to put your brand on something useful. What better way to implement this than by having your logo placed on school supplies?

Here are three reasons to give away promotional supplies during the beginning of the school year:

They Will Be Used.

Your audience will use and keep promotional products that they deem useful. Parents and students are looking for ways to obtain new and useful school supplies without breaking their budget.  Notebooks, writing utensils and backpacks are items any student will need. Give your brand maximum exposure by supplying students with something they will use every day! They will appreciate the gesture and are likely to remember the business behind the promotional giveaway. An experiment conducted by Georgia Southern University shows that recipients of promotional products have a significantly more positive image of a company than consumers who do not receive promotional products. Not to mention, promos are often passed along and shared with others. Just think about how many times students ask to borrow a pen or a notebook from someone in class? Each time your promo is passed along it gains another new impression.

More Impressions for your Buck.

Typical back to school supplies like writing instruments, bags, and shirts are notorious for gaining impressions. Promotional writing instruments are used about 18.2 times per month according to a recent ASI Impressions Study. Breaking that down further, the promotional pen is the most used item. Bags have an average of 186.9 impressions per use making them the top items per impression. Another back to school item that gains a lot of impressions are shirts, with 112.5 impressions per wear. Wondering how you could turn a T-shirt into a back to school related promo? Showing community involvement and local school spirit is a great way to market your business; have your logo printed on T-shirts featuring the school’s colors or team up with your local school to feature both your businesses’ logo and the school’s logo on a T-shirt. Can you imagine all the impressions you would gain if students wore these shirts to Friday Night football games?

You Won’t Struggle to Reach your Audience.

According to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), the education industry is the top buyer of promotional products. What better way to gain school spirit than by giving your students school supplies with their school’s logo on it?  If you are a part of educational establishment, use promotional products to keep students engaged or to recruit prospective students by supplying them with useful or unique promos.

If you’re not in the education industry, don’t let that stop you form gaining impressions. You can still hand out branded supplies to students; they will appreciate the gesture while simultaneously advertising your business each time they use your promos. You could even donate your branded supplies to a local school to pass out. Teachers, parents and students will appreciate the gesture and will recall your brand every time they see your promos.

Consider using some of these useful back to school items to promote your business or amp up school spirit. These items include: a Neon Rectangle Eraser, a Neon Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker, a Neoskin Soft Cover Journal, a Non-Woven Folding Identification Lunch Bag, a Football Sport Schedule Magnet and a Small Reflective Sportpack.

If you’re looking to stand out and choose a more unique back to school promo try an Animal Crackers Snack Bag, Stereo Ear buds with a Protective case they can clip to their backpacks or a Wild Bunch Plush Stuffed animal (featuring the school’s mascot) and your imprint on it’s T-Shirt.

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Have you handed out back to school related promos in the past? What did you hand out? Have you recieved promos from your school or local businesses in correlation with the beginning of the school year? What was your favorite? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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