Best Tech Promotional Product Giveaways


Technology becomes a larger part of our lives every year. According to a 2017 year-in-review the demand for tech promotional items will continue to increase, devouring market space from standards like apparel, writing utensils, and drinkware. Promotional technology products can impact your budget more than items like pens or notepads, but if you stick with the best tech promotional product giveaways you can maximize your ROI and impress at trade shows.

Power Banks



Power banks provide an immediate benefit to trade show attendees passing by your booth whose cell phone or tablet is running dangerously low on power. 26% of U.S. consumers own promotional power banks, according to the ASI 2016 Impressions Survey, and those tech promotional items generate over 1,000 impressions over the course of their lifespan. A 2,000 mAh power bank can cost as little as $4.99 when you order 100 or more for your upcoming event.

Bluetooth Speakers


Wires are becoming a relic of the past. Embrace the future and cultivate a cutting-edge, youthful brand image by including a bluetooth speaker in your next swag bag. Our CityScape Bluetooth Speaker can be customized with your city’s skyline to connect with potential customers and clients in your region. Quality bluetooth speakers aren’t as affordable as power banks, so leverage them strategically to make the most impact.

Wireless Earbuds


Ever since Apple introduced their flagship wireless earbuds there has been a soaring demand for these promotional technology products. Depending on your budget and intention you can choose between an entry-level wireless earbud set with a bright, silicone cover or high-end true wireless promotional earbuds that rival the leading products in terms of quality. Deepen employee loyalty or demonstrate client value with true wireless earbuds.

Wireless Charging Pad


Again, the hottest tech promotional items accomplish what they need without wires. The Quake Wireless Charging Pad is compatible with the latest smartphones from Samsung, Google, and Apple while featuring a large, customizable decoration area to showcase your brand’s logo. This tech giveaway is a logical choice for the grand prize of a raffle or drawing at the end of an event. Attendees will flock to your booth for a chance to win, so position the raffle entry materials next to your presentation area.

USB Hubs


USB hubs are becoming more necessary as modern laptop models shy away from having multiple ports built in. A compact and sleek 4-Port USB Hub allows users to plug in four different devices into their computer, including hard drives, speakers, mice, cooling pads, and more. Promotional USB hubs include your brand name and logo so you can rack up impressions even in competitors’ office space.

Stand out from the crowd at your next trade show by offering popular promotional technology products as top prizes for drawings or raffles. You can even give away less expensive tech promos at your booth to anyone who leaves their contact information or watches a presentation. Contact your HALO Account Executive to brainstorm other ways that tech promotional products can elevate your brand.

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