Best Uses for Reusable Bags


Customizable bags like the totes on are some of the most consistently popular promotional items because of the significant amount of impressions they generate for brands. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, reusable bags generate more impressions than any other promotional item at about 5,700 impressions per bag.

You can increase your impressions and vary the audience who sees your brand name by finding creative uses for reusable bags and encouraging your audience to use the bags in new ways. Reusable bags are versatile. Consider giving out reusable bags at these locations or encouraging their use for these events or activities:

Take Them to the Beach


Reusable bags can easily be transformed into beach bags by poking a medium-sized hole at the bottom of the bag. If you’re hosting a beachside event your attendees can store their children’s favorite beach and pool toys in one large reusable bag for easy transport. Remind them that at the end of the day the toys can easily drain due to the hole in the bag, and for best results they should wash the bags regularly to reduce the amount of sand into the house.


Donate to a Food Drive


Canned food drives usually require donations to be delivered or picked up within a bag. Reduce overall waste and spread your brand logo to a new locale by donating canned food and other non perishable items using extra promotional bags. Sponsor a local food drive in your office and give your employees reusable bags for donations. This displacement helps get your company name out of the homes of your clients or employees and in the eyes of more potential customers. Plus, donating to a food drive is a kind act of charity.


Plant Tomatoes and Other Vegetables


Reusable bags function perfectly as upside-down planters! If you run a co-op or an eco-conscious organization you can give away branded bags for this exact purpose. Owners can hang the bag over their porch or in their home and cut a small hole in the bottom, just large enough to fit a plant’s roots. To complete the planter they will insert the roots of a tomato or other vegetable through the bottom hole of the bag, and then fill the remainder of the bag with dirt. You can try it at home as well. Water regularly, and enjoy your juicy vegetables.


Do Laundry


Depending on the size of your promotional tote bags they can provide the perfect method of transporting laundry to and from a laundry room in an apartment building, or even to the laundromat if you choose a larger size. Recipients who do laundry in the comfort of their own home can use reusable bags to sort laundry by color and fabric and tackle multiple loads at once without becoming overwhelmed.


Transform Them Into Throw Pillows


Once a promotional bag has lost a strap or otherwise neared the end of its lifespan it can still have a second life as a throw pillow. By sewing a few reusable bags together and stuffing them with cotton or down you can create an adorable throw pillow that would brighten living room or den. If someone in your office is a crafts expert you can encourage employees to turn in damaged bags to them to be transformed into throw pillows for their home.


By using some creative thinking you can make reusable bags last for years, thereby getting the greatest return on your investment. Talk to your HALO Account Executive today to learn more about our customizable bags and other promotional products.

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