Bringing Sexy Back to Calendars

When you hear the word “Calendar” many words come to mind schedule, reliable, date, advertising, useful and if we’re being completely honest… boring. Most of us in the advertising world find it hard to get excited about calendars, we hear the word and our mind projects images of puppies and kitties, landscapes or cars attached to a grid of numbers and we just check out.

Until recently the above paragraph perfectly described how I felt about calendar advertising. Even when faced with impressive data to back up the effectiveness of calendar advertising I just couldn’t get excited about it. Then, while participating in a webinar last month, one of the presenters* brought up the lack of excitement marketers have for promotional calendars, and announced that the calendar industry is in fact,

Bringing Sexy Back to Calendars

How? you may ask. From what I see, the industry is looking for new and innovative ways to enhance what calendars have always been, pieces of advertising art. Here are a few examples of what’s new in promotional calendars:

New Inks and Textures – The introduction of glow in the dark inks and chalkboard textures you can actually write on give these calendars a new interactive dimension.

Calendar “Building” – With creative die-cuts or building materials these calendars become highly addictive desk toys.

Augmented Reality – Pixaction calendars bring calendar artwork to life. Check out last week’s post for more information.


New Design and Photography Styles – Designs from prominent artists and photographers put a spin on the old puppies, kitties and cars to truly turn these calendars into functional art.

Custom Calendar- If you still don’t see anything that gets you excited about calendars then most likely a Custom Calendar is for you. Give your target market a promotion that speaks directly to what they care about by developing a calendar with your images and copy.

A special thanks to Dustin Wicks for the inspiration of this article. 

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