Calendars: A Year of Advertising for Less than a Penny Per Impression

Calendars- A Year of Advertising for Less Than a Penny Per Impression


If you don’t love affordable advertising tactics with impressive ROI, then stop reading here because that’s all we’re talking about today.  According to the 2016 Impressions Study by the Advertising Specialties Institute, promotional products, on average, cost less than 1/10 of a cent per impression. With promotional calendars, you earn those impressions for an entire year! On any given day, anyone who walks by your branded calendar will see your message. It may be hanging in someone’s house, office, breakroom or meeting room, making them extremely versatile for the end-user. Did you know that they can be versatile additions to your marketing mix, too? We’ve listed some fun ways to use calendars below.

“Thanks for Stopping By”

If you have a brick and mortar business, use calendars at the point of purchase. Hand out 2017 calendars with purchases in December and advertise the free calendars through your social media channel. You’ll drive extra traffic during the holidays and have your name in front of your customers to kick off the New Year.

A Reason to Say “Hi”

If you’re a business to business organization, mail a calendar to all Chamber businesses in your community or supply each sales person with calendars for visits in December and January. If nothing else, the client will switch out their old calendar for your new branded calendar.  Send a calendar to every contact on your list, even if they aren’t a current client. You never know who may be result in a referral . Optimize your sales tool by adding a photo to the calendar so clients get that extra personal touch.

Annual Service Reminder

If you own a service-oriented business, create a calendar with service reminders on it. Health care professionals can add important check-up reminders and preventative care tips during popular sick times like flu and allergy seasons. Non-profit organizations can note their most important fundraisers.

Holiday Greeting

Small desk calendars are a smart choice when it’s time to send holiday cards. They can be sent in gift envelopes and average the same price as a greeting card. Because they are so mailer friendly, you can also send them with invoices or anything else that is already going in the mail.

This is especially smart for online businesses since that don’t have much in-person interaction with clients. Calendar mailers also make nice gestures as “Thank You” or “Welcome” gifts and can be triggered by whatever you choose, from a purchase to signing up for an email list.

Brand Recognition Campaign

Consider a completely custom calendar for additional branding opportunities. You can add your own special dates such as an annual celebration or tips and tricks related to your business. If you run a restaurant, consider featuring a special menu item each month (Burger of the Month) or if you’re promoting a fitness center, add health tips for your patrons.

Some calendar styles let you add a coupon section below the calendar grid. This gives the recipient another reason to keep their branded calendar the entire year. If using coupons, remember to spread out the “valid by” dates so you have some that are good through the next year.


If you’re thinking about adding calendars to your marketing mix, contact HALO today. We’ll help you choose the calendar that’s right for your next project.

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