Calendars: The Yearly “To-Do List”

In this modern society, it’s easy to forget the fulfillment one can have when physically turning the page of the calendar on January 1. Because when the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve, we know our devices will automatically adjust for us as we celebrate into the early morning. But let’s not lose touch of more analog traditions, because after all, there’s something aesthetically pleasing to physically turn the page on a new day, a new decade, and a new year.

So, with a few months left in 2019, it’s still not too late to plan your New Year with calendars. Here are a few reasons why calendars have stood the test of time and will continue to do so for your marketing campaigns in the future.

Year-Long Impressions

Whether it’s a desk, magnet or wall calendar, calendars have some of the best branding power over their nearly year-long lifespan. When placed in prime locations around a client’s office or workspace, calendars (with your company’s information) generate about 850 impressions over their use. Typically seen by friends, family, and colleagues, calendars grow in familiarity with the brand’s logo and can quickly become a catalyst for referrals and personal recommendations.

Efficient and Cost-Friendly

One of the best upside to traditional calendars is that they don’t need to be charged, or made with expensive tech. Among some of the top promotional products on the market, calendars trend on the affordable side, making them a prime cost-effective marketing tool. You get a great product that is both useful and customizable for a fraction of the cost.

Tailor-Fit Customization for Your Brand.

Have you ever worried if your brand is portrayed in line with your company’s standards and values? Or whether that design will cater to your target audience? If so, custom calendars give you complete control over your marketing goals and how your message is delivered

From custom images and logos to hundreds of different themes, a custom desk, wall or even pocket calendar can make the impact you need on the clients you want.

The Original Planner

On average, businesses across all industries use about 2.5 calendars at a time and one of the main reasons why is to organize their day. It’s something everyone seeks in the workplace, though the world has plenty of options to stay organized, there’s nothing better than the satisfaction of checking a task off of a calendar.

Also, this gives your audience the chance to use a product associated with your brand —something that is at the top of people’s lists when buying promotional products. In fact, 92% of consumers keep promotional products solely for their usefulness. In a survey about calendar’s usefulness  88% of American respondents claimed calendars were useful and worth keeping.

Calendars in the Marketing Mix

As one of the most adaptable and flexible concepts, calendars can be used alongside other marketing tools for maximum effectiveness. With new imprinting textures, die-cuts and building materials, customizing a calendar can quickly transform a simple organizational tool into a unique desk decoration. Get creative with your calendar and even combine it with your annual holiday card — a great approach to spreading your company’s message and holiday spirit.

If you aren’t sure where to start to get the right custom calendar product for your company, feel free to order samples of HALO promotional calendars, free of charge.Contact a HALO Account Executive and receive your sample calendars in days so you can make a final selection with confidence.

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