Creating Your Next Success: Choosing the Perfect Promotional Product

There are thousands upon thousands of promotional products available today. Sifting through them to find the right product for your campaign can be tedious and leave you feeling defeated. Before you embark on a quest for your perfect promotional product, consider the following criteria to narrow down your search.

Usability Is Key

The goal of a promotional product is longevity. Finding the product that consumers will keep, and use, the longest is what this industry is all about. Need proof? Roughly 69% of consumers pick up a promotional product because they deemed it useful, and 77% say its usefulness is the reason they keep it.

So now, you are asking yourself, “Which products do my consumers deem useful?” First, let’s look at your audience.

Target the Consumer

When searching for a product, think first of your audience. If you are unsure what the target audience would find worthy of keeping, look into what products and services they offer. If the end consumer were from the IT industry, a flash drive or mouse pad would be an excellent option. For a food industry trade show, consider a kitchenware item like a pizza cutter or bag clips.

Not only will they keep your promo product, but you may also stand above the competition who didn’t do their research. You can make a personal connection with a client through a well-thought out promotional product. If you can fit it in the budget, opt for a higher end product that will give your company a “wow” factor and impress your biggest clients. This Field & Co® Duffel is perfect for the travel guru client. For a more universal product, power banks are always a hit.

Think About Distribution

Consider how the promotional product will be given away, and if it is a feasible. Direct mailings typically have a tight budget, so small items like magnets and can coolers are a great option. Bulkier items are good for a trade show, where clients can take home their gifts in a promo bag. Consider a nice drinkware piece or a custom t-shirt to entice customers to your booth! Expensive items should be saved for an in-person meeting where the environment is not too hectic.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Sure, pens and keychains are great. But, what could you use that will make you stand out from a sea of competitors? Follow the current trends and choose a popular item, like a reusable straw to grab your client’s attention. If that’s not unique enough for you, try an executive office toy for some added fun.

Still not sure what the right product is? Don’t worry! We’ve got the resources and passion to help you find the perfect product for your perfect campaign. Contact your HALO Account Executive to get on the right track!

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