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High-end holiday gift options for the corporate executives in your company | HALO Branded Solutions

When considering promotional gifts for executive-level employees, it’s important to remember promotional products provide many options in many price ranges. There is something for everyone, including those who may enjoy the finer things in life.

When it comes to executive gifts, they often require more time, preparation and cost than a rudimentary branded business gift.

When considering executive gift options think not only about how to incorporate your company’s brand, but also about how to add a personal touch that is relatable to the executives you are giving said gifts to.

Celebrate Year-End Success with Promotional Drink Sets

Waterfall Wine chiller | HALO Branded Solutions

Waterfall Wine Chiller (Style #:  8932-WN33)

For the wine connoisseur, consider a promotional wine chiller. Express your gratitude with this elegantly crafted Waterfall Wine Chiller that cradles the bottle while an ice-cold waterfall gently bathes their wine until chilled and at the perfect drinking temperature.

Swiss Army® Golf Tool & Callaway® Golf Ball Set | HALO Branded Solutions

Swiss Army® Golf Tool & Callaway® Golf Ball Set (Style #: 9383-69718)

For the golf expert, try a promotional  golf tool and ball set. Thank them with a gift they can appreciate at their next golf outing or employee retreat that has practical use for years to come.  This tool features stainless steel implements including 1 divot repair tool, ball marker, tee punch with groove cleaner, bottle opener and nail file, plus everyday tools including tweezers, toothpick and scissors. It also includes 3 Callaway golf balls.

Tech Savy Custom Gifts are a Hit

Brookstone® Big Blue Live 2 Wireless Bluetooth/NFC Speaker | HALO Branded Solutions

Brookstone® Big Blue Live 2 Wireless Bluetooth/NFC Speaker (Style #: 5607-70430)

For the techie, or music enthusiast, a promotional Bluetooth® speaker is a solid option. This Brookstone wireless speaker packs innovative technology into a small space. It features near-field communication (NFC) to pair with compatible devices by simply touching the devices together.

Flexible Waterproof Keyboard | HALO Branded Solutions

Flexible Waterproof Keyboard (Style #:  34256-AIO-IKEY)

Another option for a tech savvy executive who is often on the go could be a promotional Bluetooth keyboard. This rinseable keyboard features a USB connector with PS2 adapter for PC laptops and computers and a flexible design that can be rolled up for easy travel and storage.

Classic Gifts that Convey Brand Power

For those executives who enjoy the classic gifts, you can always go with a tasteful desk clock or a sophisticated pen. This promotional rosewood clock and compass features a timeless, contemporary elegance combined with an antique style and a high-gloss rosewood finish and hinged design. On the other hand, the promotional chrome ballpoint pen is a classic emblem of success, Classic Century line pens are world-renowned for craftsmanship and quality.

Promotional Gifts Meant for Daily Use

For those who may want a work-related item they can use on a regular basis, try a leather briefcase or meeting folder. This promotional briefcase is made from quality leather and features hand crafted workmanship, a messenger-style design with easy access front organizer, heavy-duty satin buckles, and a large main section with plenty of organizing space. On the other hand, the promotional meeting folder is made from quality buffalo skin leather and features a full leather outer shell that is completely foam padded. It includes a business card holder, a pen slot, and a ruled 8 1/2 x 11 memo pad.

In addition to giving these great executive gifts, you could even go the extra mile and wrap these gifts in promotional packaging to add that personal touch that will cement your company into your recipient’s minds. To learn more about promotional packaging check out our blog post here.

Most importantly, when selecting executive gifts, never settle for ordinary. You going the extra mile with this gift selection will not go unnoticed.

What are some of the most memorable executive gifts you’ve seen in the past?

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