Follow The Trend: Phone Accessories

Phones travel the world, and so does your brand! Phone accessories make a high impact that’s carried everywhere. From grips, to cases, to power banks you can’t go wrong with promotional phone accessories! Everyone loves to receive them, and it’s an easy, low cost way showcase your brand. Below are a few of our favorite phone accessories.

Virtual Reality
With the rise of virtual reality videos and experiences, it is a no-brainer that VR headsets are a great asset in the promotional world. This Foldable Virtual Reality Headset is perfect for your next promotion or event. Customers can enjoy a moment in outer space or the deep ocean while showing your brand off to the world. With its portability, VR headsets can be taken anywhere and shared with anyone. This means maximum impressions for your business!

Phone Stands
Phone stands are a perfect promo item for the desk dweller. Their functionality ensures your customer will keep and use your promo product frequently! The Wedge is a fully customizable phone stand that doubles as a screen cleaner and fits any phone. Create your own design for maximum impact that is functional, stylish and successful!

Power Banks
One of the greatest tragedies in life is being out and about with a dead phone. Everyone can and will use a portable power bank. The Smart Charge Power Bank attracts clients to your brand with a high-gloss, sleek look. Give the gift of a high-performance power bank any recipient will enjoy!

Phone Cases
The ultimate promo phone accessory is one that never leaves the phone! Clients will take your brand everywhere they go with the myPhone VibraColor iPhone Case. Phones are strapped to consumers, now you can strap your brand to them, too!

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