Four Employee Appreciation Day Ideas Your Employees Will Love

The holidays are nearly over, and although many of us could use a much-needed break, Employee Appreciation Day is just around the corner! Employee Appreciation Day falls on Friday, March 6th and it is the perfect day to celebrate your employees.

Research shows that feeling appreciated leads to better health, lower stress, and fewer sick days. If you are not making an effort to celebrate your employees for Employee Appreciation Day, you are missing out! Here are four ideas to get you started.

Food, Food, Food!

The saying goes, “food is the way to the heart.” Receiving a free meal is ALWAYS appreciated. Set up a breakfast bar filled with eggs, bacon, breakfast burritos, donuts, and coffee to get the day started on a fun, belly filled note. Then go out to favorite local lunch spot, or set up a dessert buffet as an afternoon pick-me-up, either way your employees will appreciate the extra fuel.

Leadership Recognition

A daily thank you from management can go a long way; make sure to get senior leadership involved in the festivities on Employee Appreciation Day. Send out a special email or hand out personalized cards to get appreciation rolling from the top down. Or better yet, show up to the food day to get some one-on-one interaction with your employees.

Flexible Schedule

Why not show your appreciation by giving your employees some paid time off this Friday? Get creative and create a coupon that lets employees choose whatever day they would like to leave early. That way each person can use it whenever it is important to them, such as a child’s sporting event, or an early out to spend time with friends and family. We can all appreciate getting some hours back in our day, and Employee Appreciation Day the perfect time to have a surprise early release.

Gift Swag Bags

Everyone loves to receive a swag bag, and they allow a lot of room for companies to be creative. Fill the swag bags with branded company merchandise, gift cards, candy, and other gifts. Work with your Account Executive to find the perfect employee gift. Your Account Executive can assist you with product virtuals, quotes, and samples to make sure the item you get is just right!

It’s never too early to start planning for Employee Appreciation Day; seize this opportunity to boost morale and infuse your office with positive energy.

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