Generating Leads with Promotional Products


Many small business owners consider promotional products as mere branding tools that help keep visibility up within their target clientele. Word-of-mouth marketing is always helpful, but if that’s where you’re budgeting for promotional products you may want to reevaluate the big picture.

With a little creative thinking promotional products can be a valuable tool, helping you generate leads. After all, according to GoPromotional over 20% of customers make a purchase after receiving a promotional product. Try some of these winning lead generation tactics to leverage promotional products and convert consumers and other businesses into loyal customers.

Create a Tiered Giveaway System

Everyone attending a trade show expects to leave your booth with a pen or another trendy budget-friendly promotional product. If you bring high-value items, you can entice leads you want to pursue while gathering their information.

For example, if you start talking to a visitor you’d like to do business with, offer them a large, branded golf umbrella with a wind-resistant fiberglass frame in exchange for their email address, name and company. They leave happy, and the interaction provides a smooth segue to follow up with the potential client.

Give Promotional Products as Rewards


Start a referral program within your office for employees (and customers) to refer leads. Of course, incentives encourage people to go out of their way to find you customers. Invest in popular, trendy promotional products to use as prizes or rewards when someone successfully refers a new lead.


As you won’t be giving out these items in bulk, you can afford to spend more. The higher value will help motivate customers and employees to seek promising leads. If you truly want to express your gratitude for a new lead, reward the referrer with a comfy micro corral fleece blanket or really up the ante with an English butter toffee deluxe gift box.

Target Leads With Unique Products

Why wait for the lead to come to you? Research individuals or companies that you would most want to work with and create a campaign that seeks their business directly. By sending a useful and unique promotional product, along with relevant messaging, you open the door for a fruitful business relationship.
The trick with this approach is to have your follow-up strategy ironed out and to make sure your messaging and brand ties into the promotional product you send. For example, if you run a tech company maybe send a package of innovative, compact flash drives with messaging that says “We know you’ll always remember us,” or “Our company is unforgettable.”

Ready to make the most out of your promotional products and generate real leads while keeping your brand in the spotlight? Contact your HALO Account Executive today and discuss the strategies that will work best for your business.

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