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How do you know what’s hot this season? How do you know what products your customers and employees will like, use and keep? Shop the new Hot 100. The Hot 100 makes buying promotional products easier by offering this season’s trendsetters and our top promotional products — ordered most often by over 40,000 satisfied HALO clients — on sale now through March 31, 2013. Hot 100What’s the catch? There isn’t one, but to make sure we’re offering you the hottest items we have to stay on top of the latest trends. That’s why select products from the Hot 100 are available at our hot prices for a limited time only. So get ‘em while they’re hot!

“O-M-G, that’s like so last season.” You don’t want to hear anyone utter those words about your outfit. And trust me you don’t want to hear it when they’re referring to the products you use to represent your brand. has something for everyone. And yes, that does mean thousands of products to choose from, but when you shop the Hot 100 you narrow your search to the top products, the proven performers and exciting new products at the lowest prices. We’re on top of the latest trends in our industry and in retail.

Why? Your recipients are consumers. They drive the market and their opinions matter to you most.

So give the people what they want.

Here are a few Hot 100 products on sale and trending now:





Who remembers the first isotonercellphone? Yup, the one they call “the brick,” weighing in at 2 pounds. Today, we’re talking touchscreen, which means cellphones that weigh ounces, not pounds.

My boyfriend has the iPhone4 (Siri…She talks back to him more than I do, but that’s a topic for another time). The point is technology is the future and touchscreens are taking over. Let your customers know you’re on top of their current needs.


Not being able to stay connected in the cold is a thing of the past.

Isotoner® SmarTouch® Gloves

  • SmarTouch gloves are embroidered with a conductive thread on the fingers and thumbs that conveys electrical impulses to your touchscreens.
  • Gives you the ability to use devices like ATM’s, smartphones, music players, touchscreen car dashboards, tablets and more with exceptional accuracy.
  • Nonslip palm and fingers improve grip.





Yes…I just sang the Fergie song while typing that. Who said grocery shopping couldn’t be glamorous? According to 2013 fashion trends structured, totes are in – and HALO is on top of it.

Metallic Designer Laminated Tote

  • This durable, laminated tote features a bold metallic print.
  • Available in shimmering silver and glittering gold.







Keep it simple, keep it safe. Ok, so that’s not exactly how that quote from The Lord of the Rings goes. It’s no secret. I’m a former hippie. I rocked the tie-dye back in the day. And I’m a firm believer in reoccurring fashion trends. If 40 people like this post, I’ll wear one to work every day next week and provide picture proof.

Fusion Tie Dye T-Shirt

  •  Available in 12 tie-dye colors.






The health food market is booming. Have you  heard of the “raw movement?” More and more people are putting good care into their diet, eating organic, or in this case, drinking organic fruits and veggies. I like mine infused not stirred.juice

Take-Out Tumbler Infuser – 16 oz

  • Let’s you tailor your drink with your own healthy fruits and/or veggies.
  • Just fill the infuser basket with your favorite ingredients and enjoy nutritional, fresh juice drinks.
  • Double wall insulted to keep drinks cool longer.




game on




There’s nothing better than the real deal. HALO’s got it, Gemaco gaming cards. The only brand of cards licensed for use by casinos. That means they’re dedicated to top quality cards with zero imperfections.

Baronet Poker Playing Cards

  • Available in 23 card back colors.
  • Gemaco playing cards are precision-crafted from the highest quality stocks, inks and coatings.


That’s only five of this season’s hottest promotional products. Shop the Hot 100 to see all of our top promotional products, at hot prices for a limited time only.

Join the Conversation: What trends are you seeing this season? What’s your favorite promotional product right now? What do you want to see on sale this summer and fall?

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