Gift Giving – It’s Not Just a Holiday Thing

With the big holiday season just around the corner, it’s no surprise that gifts are becoming more top of mind than in previous months. However, occasions for gifting fall at all times throughout the year; not just November and December. As you prep for holiday gifting, keep the lessons you learn in mind for every anniversary, birthday, thank you and welcome gift you purchase in the future.

Looking for some gifting guidelines? Check out the resources below.

Choosing Promotional PackagingPromotional Packaging Guide | HALO Branded Solutions
Sometimes adding your logo to the gift itself isn’t the best idea. Some brands have strict rules about cobranding, and in some cases your logo may devalue the gift in the eyes of the recipient. Whatever the reason, there are other ways you can guarantee that your brand is prominent through promotional packaging. Consider adding your logo to bags, wrapping paper and boxes. Check out our Promotional Packaging Guide here.

Need a Last Minute Gift? Last Minute Gifting | HALO Branded Solutions
Last minute gifts happen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go into it in a tizzy. Read up on these tips for last minute promotional product and gift orders to be as prepared as you can when you’re in a rush.

We’ll be posting gifting tips all season long for you to use in all types of gifting situations. Check back soon for our Corporate Gift Giving Guide!

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