Guest Blog – How to Design a Trade Show Display Without Breaking the Bank

When you’re planning a booth for a trade show, you really don’t have to invest a fortune in trying to make your booth stand out from all the other exhibitors. Some companies do exactly that however, and they spend a ton of money designing an elaborate, eye-catching booth that no one else can match. The problem with that strategy is that it ends up featuring your design talents rather than your products.

Isn’t the whole point of attending a trade show to get potential customers interested in what you’re selling? A fancy booth may have attendees admiring your handiwork, but later they may have no recollection whatsoever about what your company makes or the service it provides. The design of your booth should be simple and complementary to your product or service; it should not compete with or obscure what you’re trying to sell.

With that in mind, here are some inexpensive ways of preparing an effective display booth that you can set up to perfectly complement what you’re selling:

Consider used trade show booth pieces.– This is one of the most affordable ways of setting up a trade show display. You can reuse banner stands, tables and table cloths. You can even repurpose slatwalls, shelving and other display pieces and customize them to complement your own branding. Consider pieces from past shows, rental options or buying used products.

Keep the customer in mind. Since trade show attendees often walk for hours around an exhibit hall, they will appreciate any little perks you can provide at your booth, for instance little candies, a cool drink, or a chair to sit in for a few minutes.

Also, Make sure your important signage is at eye level so they don’t have to make any effort to absorb your message easily, and in that same vein, keep your signage very simple, with large lettering and an easily identifiable logo. If you have an online business or new website to share, a single podium with your tablet or laptop can become the focal point of your booth. Plus, you can add your branding to it!

Use banners. They’re relatively inexpensive and can get a lot of attention for your products and services. With graphics customized to your business, they can be very effective and still very affordable.

Add your own lighting. For the most part, lighting in an exhibit hall is subdued overhead lighting, so if you can include some simple lighting in your booth which features your important banners, backdrops, or signage, it can really bring your display to life for viewers.

Utilize backdrops. One good way to make your display stand out is to use a dark or black backdrop, because it will contrast powerfully with your display materials and make them more prominent.

Add an interior wall. If you have a lot of material that you need to display, adding an interior wall can be a great way to do that, since it provides two additional surfaces upon which you can attach information or graphics to catch your visitors’ attention.

Effective need not be expensive

Ultimately, the objective of your trade show booth display should be to sell your product or service to the customer, not to create the most dazzling design. By using some of these inexpensive ways of highlighting your business offerings, you can make an effective display at a reasonable cost.

Have other thrifty trade show tips? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below. For additional trade show tips, check out HALO’s white paper, Booth! There It Is!

*All photos courtesy of Infinity Exhibits.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Keeping the customer in mind when you’re designing your trade booth is a good idea. Having refreshments or a place to sit is a great way to entice people in. Thanks for sharing the tips.

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